student engaging with his laptop during class

How to measure student engagement

Measuring student engagement matters While schools are committed to ensuring that their students are engaged and are focused on student engagement strategies, few schools have formalized an approach to measuring […]

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How to engage students in a hybrid learning class

While the recent changes within education have been rapid, it has not been easy for teachers to focus on student engagement, which remains a critical part of student success. Hybrid […]

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student reaching for pencil


Those in the education space have most definitely heard the word “STEM” in regard to creating compelling content for students. This is with good reason since STEM hit the scene […]

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student on laptop

5 steps to digital citizenship

The purpose of technology is not simply about automating the teaching and learning process, but to inspire and empower every student. Part of this empowerment is knowing how to responsibly […]

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magnifying glass

Easy steps to do a virtual scavenger hunt

With the sudden move from traditional teaching to digital learning, teachers are in need of lessons and activities that will pique the interest of their students and require minimal prep […]

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6 ways for teachers to cope with change this year

So, you’ve been doing it for a while already, this distance learning thing. Months ago, “distance learning” wasn’t even a phrase in your vocabulary. Imagine hearing it in January: Is […]

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Secret to (teaching) success

It’s clear that teachers are ready to take on education technology, but do they have the resources they need to be successful? Listen to this podcast to get the latest […]

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Preparing students for the tech-driven workforce

Technology is a part of everyday life for today’s digitally-native students, but is it a part of their everyday life in the classroom? Learn how to leverage technology, at any […]

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Mind the gap… achievement gap, that is.

Delivering educational benefits through technology is a top priority for schools and districts. Learn more about ways that you can use technology in your classroom to improve student outcomes. Hailey […]

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Reading, writing, and robots?

According to a 2019 study, robotics and coding are going to see significant growth and use in the next five years. How are you leveraging in-class technology to promote STEAM […]

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students using a Promethean ActivPanel

Sarasota County Schools: ClassFlow encourages classroom discussions

Many of the interactive whiteboard projectors within Sarasota County Schools were at the end of their life, and the district decided it was time to replace their old projectors with […]

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Sarasota County School Teacher with Promethean ActivPanel

Teacher Feature: Focusing on early intervention with student polling

Shannon Wynne is a 4th-grade teacher at Tatum Ridge Elementary School in Sarasota County Schools teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies. Recently, the district replaced Sarasota’s old projectors with […]

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Advanced Technologies Academy using Promethean

Untethered teaching: How technology increases participation

What began as an experiment in flexible seating in 2018 blossomed into an untethered, student-centered environment that’s taken hold in Advanced Technologies Academy, a 1,100-student magnet high school. Kristen Taylor, […]

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Hybrid Learning

Teachers have never been strangers to trying new things in their classrooms to serve their students—a skill set that will more than likely be put to use with the tenuous […]

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Professional learning

Embracing edtech amid the unknown: Best-practices from leaders in the field As teachers are increasingly asked to teach remotely and students learning at home, education technology has morphed from being […]

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Measuring success

How to Measure Success of Your edtech: It Might Not Be Easy, but It’s Possible In 2019, spending on education technology (edtech) in the United States exceeded $13 billion, according […]

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Learning from the pandemic: Steps to take to lessen the “summer” slide

The COVID-19 pandemic created unparalleled disruption in worldwide education systems. Schools shut their doors and moved lesson delivery online, forcing educators and students alike to adapt, often without the necessary […]

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student talking on headset

How to make the transition from remote learning back to the classroom

Put down that sourdough starter and dust off those banana bread crumbs! We’re going from click to brick- from mobile learning back to the “old fashioned” way. Does it have […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – July 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories from July 2020 covering remote learning, back to school, and teaching through COVID. Schools challenged to deliver more with […]

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How will you prepare for back to school?

Stating that these questions are going through the minds of educators is an understatement.  Sadly, no one really knows the answers, but there are some things that teachers can do […]

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woman leaning over to help child looking at laptop

Is remote learning a trend or long-term initiative?

The Promethean State of Technology in Education report identified the biggest priorities for schools and districts. Participants were anonymously asked a set of wide-ranging questions about their relationship with, and […]

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man typing on laptop

Operate IT with ease

No matter how big or small the district is, streamlining tech infrastructure is a common goal shared among all IT administrators. Keeping interactive flat panels secure on the network with […]

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Kids raising hands in classroom to be called on

Focus on teaching, not the technology

Adopting new technology into lessons should be a user-friendly experience that saves teachers time. Getting the most out of interactive displays is more than just downloading the right app or […]

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Teacher using a Promethean ActivPanel board

ActivPanel makes classroom teaching and management easier

Each fall, teachers will get a new sea of smiling faces in their classroom. Almost no other industry operates under this unique business model, where each year the audience is […]

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