experiential learning ideas for each subject

Experiential learning ideas for each subject

Experiential learning is one of the most popular trends in education. It’s based on the idea that students learn best through hands-on experiences, rather than just reading or writing about […]

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ActivPanel 9

The not-so-hidden gems of ActivPanel 9

On a project with as many moving parts as the engineering of our all-new flagship ActivPanel 9, everybody has a feature that becomes especially significant to them.   These details and […]

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male educator experiencing technostress

Reducing teacher technostress with Merlyn

If any word defines the present moment, it’s technostress—i.e., the stress you feel when the technology you need to do your job actually makes that job harder.  Technostress has long […]

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Asynchronous learning

Asynchronous learning: The greatest educational trend of 2023

Learning has evolved rapidly over just the last five years. Disruptive technologies, a global pandemic, and a growing desire among students to find and explore new learning styles have culminated […]

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what we learned from teachers

What we learned from 1,300 teachers

We interviewed hundreds of educators to find out. Engaging remote students, tools for differentiated instruction, and staying relevant in a world where technology is essential to daily life are just […]

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ActivPanel 9

Ready for any teaching scenario

When we ask educators what defines the modern classroom, adaptability—the readiness to engage students in any teaching scenario—is usually top of mind.   We think of adaptability as a transformational capacity […]

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Creating Transformation Classroom

Welcome to the transformation classroom

What exactly do we mean when we talk about transforming the way the world learns and collaborates? To begin with, we focus on the one thing whose significance will never […]

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How to tell an edtech fad from a top tool

Edtech changes as much as the education landscape it supports, with new tools released and trends popping up all the time. While this offers school IT administrators a bounty of […]

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Adaptive Learning Strategies

Adaptive learning in education

Some students dread analytical subjects like math and science, while others find creative pursuits particularly challenging. In these moments of struggle, students often need one-on-one guidance from their teacher.  With […]

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Teacher assisting students with a science project with the help of Symphony Classroom by Merlyn Mind

Merlyn unlocks the freedom to teach

There is no question that the rise of educational technology has done incredible things for the classroom. There’s a reason the average teacher uses 20 to 30 digital applications, sites […]

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Adaptive learning

Everything you need to know about adaptive learning

From slate boards and chalk to stylus and tablet, the tools we use to drive learning are constantly evolving. As the landscape of the classroom changes, educators must adapt their […]

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differentiated instruction

What is differentiated instruction?

In the past, if a student wasn’t able to process a lesson, it was often seen as a personal failure. In addition to being discouraging, this meant the student had […]

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social and solitary learning styles

Teaching techniques for social and solitary learning styles

For some, group projects present an exciting opportunity to learn and engage with their peers. Others find these types of collaborative efforts only cause stress and reluctance. Why such a […]

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5 ways to use edtech during National Mentoring Month

5 ways to use edtech for National Mentoring Month

5 ways to use edtech for National Mentoring Month Each January, schools across the country come together to celebrate National Mentoring Month. It’s a great opportunity to shine a spotlight […]

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Education Technology News

Education news roundup – December 2022

1. Why the pandemic’s spotlight on edtech is positive for schools and students         In many ways, the pandemic expedited the evolution, use, and capabilities of edtech in the classroom. The […]

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Learning strategies for tactile learners

These sayings describe the core principles of tactile learning. Tactile learning – also known as kinesthetic learning – requires physically interacting with the world around you. This style of teaching […]

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Helping kinesthetic learners thrive in the modern classroom

Some children learn best by listening, others by seeing, and others by doing. This last group is known as “kinesthetic” or “tactile” learners, and they absorb the most information by […]

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What is experiential learning? 

Student engagement has always been a priority for educators, especially since the return to the classroom, and experiential learning is a key trend to help. Educators still believe the face-to-face […]

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Using edtech for immersive learning experiences

Educators value the classroom as the central hub where they can create an engaging student experience and community. However, making the most of this environment doesn’t mean being restricted by […]

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Theory vs. practice: which is more important in education?

Traditionally, two schools of thought exist in the education community. On one side, educators believe equipping students with a deep theoretical knowledge of varied topics and concepts within each subject […]

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The benefits of experiential learning for Special Educational Needs (SEN) students 

Students with special educational needs (SEN) represented 14.5% of the total American student population in 2020-21, according to the U.S. Department of Education, so it’s an important responsibility for educators […]

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visual learner student working on school work on a tablet device

How does technology help visual learners?

Presenting information in a brand new way is one of the best things you can do for visual learners. When they see concepts illustrated with images and graphics, students will […]

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young student holding up flashcards in the classroom

What do visual learners struggle with?

Visual learners have many strengths. They are often able to work independently at their desk and thrive with flashcards and videos. Visual learning is also a wonderful trait for artistic […]

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Promethean takes our popular Timer, Spinner, and Annotate apps to the next level

Teachers love using our Timer, Spinner, and Annotate apps to enliven their lessons. So we’re excited to launch a brand new version of each that will make these popular apps […]

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