ActivPanel showing the apps that are available with our teaching software.

Promethean software

Our award-winning teaching software inspires student engagement and makes any learning environment more dynamic.

Where lessons come
to life

ActivInspire puts you in control with powerful tools
for lesson delivery and enhanced collaboration.

ActivPanel interactive display


ActivInspire drives every ActivPanel with teacher-designed resources for creating more compelling lessons.

Panel Management

Manage your devices with Promethean’s secure solution or take advantage of our exciting partnership with Radix.


Discover ActivInspire

Lead students to breakthroughs with the teaching software that’s known and loved by educators worldwide.

student and teacher laughing in the classroom with an interactive display in the background.

Discover Panel Management

Discover Panel Management

Centrally and remotely manage all ActivPanel interactive displays in your organization with our time-saving, cost-cutting panel management solution.

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