3 things students taught us about edtech

Learning in the classroom

Published: March 31st, 2023

At Promethean, we keep the teacher-student bond at the center of everything we do. Which is why we’re deepening our understanding of it—by learning firsthand from students how they believe technology can empower them socially, emotionally, and academically.  

It’s a student perspective on the edtech transformation journey. And it’s fascinating. Explore our three key takeaways below.  

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Transformation classrooms: the student perspective 

1. Technology helps students focus on their lessons. 

Concerns about technology distracting students from the work at hand can be put to rest for good. In fact, quite the opposite is true. 

Our 2022/2023 State of Technology in Education Report found that, of students surveyed, 96% feel technology makes their lessons more interesting; 88% think technology helps them understand their lessons better; and 84% believe technology helps them focus on their lessons more effectively. 

This is exactly why dissolving digital barriers is a key capability of the transformation classroom—and why seamless connectivity is a leading design priority for Promethean. Removing friction invites focus. That includes effortless integration with go-to educational apps and platforms, and flawless sharing between interactive displays and student and teacher devices, even without WiFi.  

2. Students think their teachers are tech-savvy.  

Given our passion for professional development, we were pleased to see that 90% of students in our survey consider their teachers to be tech proficient.  

We were also delighted to find that teacher-student collaboration is thriving—with 80% of students telling us their teachers make them want to learn, and 78% reporting that their teachers care about them and make them happy. 

These metrics remind us why simplicity is so important in edtech. A panel that’s easy to sign into and ready to use the moment you turn it on; custom settings that follow you from display to display via a cloud-based user profile; the ability to effortlessly capture lessons and securely share them anywhere—they’re just some of the ways an intuitive experience builds tech confidence, saving teachers’ energy for engagement and connection. 

3. Students are craving immersive and dynamic lessons. 

When asked what they would most want to change about their school, only 22% of students responded they’d like more focus on their individual needs: a sign that social-emotional learning initiatives are working.  

Top of the list? More technology, please—and a desire for engaging content, with 60% of students putting “more interesting lessons” at the top of their wish list. 

Which brings us right back to the transformation classroom: a learning environment where lessons become experiences, rich in media, interactivity, and opportunities for real-time collaboration and assessment. Here, technology serves the human dynamics that make learning possible. And students are leading the way. 

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