What we learned from 1,300 teachers


Published: March 8th, 2023

What do teachers want from edtech now?

We interviewed hundreds of educators to find out. Engaging remote students, tools for differentiated instruction, and staying relevant in a world where technology is essential to daily life are just some of the timely topics that emerged. 

But one essential theme connected them: teachers want technology so natural, so easy to use, they can forget it’s even there. Here’s how we delivered it with ActivPanel 9

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Intuitive technology for teachers: 4 key insights 

1. Personalized = simplified. 

You turn on a panel in any classroom in your school, and find your personal preferences and favorite tools are ready for you from the get-go—now you’re free to focus on what matters most in any given moment.  

Personalization drives simplicity. That’s the beauty of a cloud-based user profile. The panel itself, for all its computing power and audiovisual impact, is a canvas you and your students bring to life. 

2. The are no “minor” details.  

Details hold a paradox for digital tools: the smaller they are, the greater their potential to distract from an intuitive experience.  

A display might be visually stunning—but does it turn on in an instant? Security might be flawless—but can you sign on any way you want to? Connectivity might work fine—but is that true when WiFi’s down? With ActivPanel 9, the answers are yes, yes, yes, and then some

3. Life is messy. This is good.

Teachers know firsthand how limiting a static, frontal classroom configuration can become—a vibrant learning environment is as dynamic and kinetic as life itself.

You asked for the simple freedom to move around and rearrange a room at will. We met the call with innovations including an intuitive remote that makes it easy to use your panel from anywhere in the room; an optically bonded LED that eliminates glare from any viewing angle; and an omnidirectional mic that reaches every onsite student while capturing classroom voices for remote learners.

4. Teachers are tech—and transformation—ready. 

Last but hardly least, we also learned that teachers are experiencing unprecedented confidence in technology and its potential to increase what students can achieve.  

For example, 83% of teachers surveyed by Promethean believe that edtech makes engaging students easier—while a whopping 91% reported an increase in their ease with using digital tools over the previous year.  

It’s exciting evidence that what we call the transformation classroom is becoming a reality for more schools every day. 

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