Transformation is happening. Here’s how you can be a part of it.

Creating Transformation Classroom

Published: April 11th, 2023

Judging from our 2022/2023 State of Technology in Education Report, the evidence is clear: school communities everywhere are on a transformation journey.

A journey led by students—digital natives who believe technology helps them get the most from their lessons and relationships. A journey driven by educators—whose priorities show us just what technology needs to achieve in the classroom and beyond. A journey made possible by IT professionals and administrative leaders—whose expertise and stewardship keep an edtech ecosystem thriving. 

How exactly will your journey start? As you’ll see below, the transformation classroom’s door is open. 

Download Creating Transformation Classrooms, our guide to evaluating interactive displays for K-12 education—including an 8-topic checklist for comparing solutions through a transformation lens. 

Increasing tech use to increase tech confidence  

The most effective way to build tech confidence, and invite transformation to unfold? Use more technology. Increased adoption is the #1 reason we see schools’ tech confidence growing year over year, with a majority of participants in our 2022/2023 study believing digital fluency will also make further gains over the next 1-3 years. 

The best part: it’s not hard to do. 

When edtech is made simple—or, as we like to say, so intuitive it can simply disappear—usage and confidence reinforce each other in a continuously optimizing cycle. It’s why every design and engineering decision we make must pass the is-it-simple-for-the-user test. Meanwhile, professional development takes confidence further. At Promethean, industry-leading resources, events, and tools empower a community that mutually supports, shares, and learns from its collective transformation journey, every step of the way.  

Making the SEL connection 

Social-emotional learning (SEL) capacity is a hallmark of the transformation classroom—and inherent in the tools that make it tick.  

Our study found that most educators surveyed believe edtech supports the development of interpersonal skills including self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and social awareness, while 92% of students feel technology helps them in their peer relationships.  

Connecting edtech capabilities with SEL best practices is a passion for us at Promethean. Features such as seamless device mirroring, easy lesson capture, even the intuitive remote we designed for ActivPanel 9—all are intended to help you create a flexible environment that enhances collaboration, embraces diverse learning styles, and enables compassionate, real-time individual assessment. 

Evaluating solutions through a transformation lens 

Adaptability, resilience, future-proofing… Consider an edtech investment through a transformation lens, and you’ll quickly see how it does or doesn’t respond to our changing education landscape. Is it inherently fit for purpose? Scalable? Personalized? Secure? The comprehensive checklist we’ve included in Creating Transformation Classrooms leaves no detail unexamined. 

Download Creating Transformation Classrooms—and start your transformation journey today.