background image Designed by Teachers. Developed by Promethean. Learn More Loved by Education. | Introducing the new ActivPanel Elements Series background image Designed by Teachers. Developed by Promethean. Learn More Loved by Education. | Introducing the new ActivPanel Elements Series Brilliant Interactive Displays. Powerful Lesson Delivery. | Classroom technologies for immersive learning Explore Interactive Displays

Discover educators priorities and insights for the 2021/22 school year In this years State of Technology Report, 1,600+ educators have shared their thoughts on the latest trends and future landscape of EdTech Download the Report Today Total Economic Impact™ Study Discover the financial, teacher and student benefits ActivPanel can drive in your classrooms. Learn More Federal Relief Funding With billions of dollars in funding available for education, now is the time to upgrade your school’s EdTech Learn More background image Save 50% on Your First Promethean ActivPanel Try our Experience the Elements Program Learn More

Award-Winning Interactive Displays & Lesson Delivery Software for Education

ActivPanel Titanium

Interactive Displays for Education

Learn how our industry-leading interactive displays for schools are transforming the front-of-classroom experience around the world.

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Teaching and Lesson Delivery Software

Discover next-generation lesson delivery software that leverages technology to energize the learning environment.

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Professional Development

Promethean’s professional development ensures the successful implementation of classroom technology and lesson delivery software.

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NEW ActivPanel Elements Series – Purposefully Designed for the Classroom

The ActivPanel Elements series delivers the innovation and ease-of-use that matters to teachers and students, as well as the security and manageability trusted by IT professionals and administrators. Learn More >

Intuitive Menu

Intuitive Unified Menu Experience

Vellum Writing Technology

Vellum™ Writing Technology

Classroom Apps

Classroom Essential Apps Included

Education Solutions Designed to Enhance
Your Google Technology Investment

Promethean offers a range of education technology solutions that are built for collaboration, ease of use, and flexibility in a Google technology ecosystem.

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Full-featured device management

Promethean Panel Management provides school IT administrators with one place to go to manage all ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays within their organizations.

Plus, we’ve partnered with Radix to bring the full-featured VISO device management solution to the ActivPanel Elements series.

Request a demo to see how Radix VISO can help centrally manage many different devices, including tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, your ActivPanels, and more.

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Learn Promethean

Discover free training and teaching resources at your fingertips to help you easily integrate Promethean learning solutions into your classroom.

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Resource Center

Read Promethean’s latest stories on teaching ideas, technology trends, product tips, and more.

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A Transformational Technology Program

A long-term partnership is essential to help schools reach their goals. Learn how Aldine ISD partnered with Promethean to implement an education technology plan to renovate and enhance their classrooms.

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1 Million+ Classrooms

1.6 Million Classrooms with Promethean Interactive Displays

50,000+ Schools in 154 Countries

105 Countries using Promethean Solutions in the last two years

20 Years of Experience

20+ Years of Experience Implementing Interactive Displays for Education