Ready for any teaching scenario

ActivPanel 9

Published: March 8th, 2023

When we ask educators what defines the modern classroom, adaptability—the readiness to engage students in any teaching scenario—is usually top of mind.  

We think of adaptability as a transformational capacity to deliver optimal student experiences in all learning environments. And we’ve made it foundational to the design of ActivPanel 9. Here’s how. 

Today’s digital tools are keeping educators agile while strengthening the student-teacher bond. Learn more when you download Creating Transformation Classrooms—our guide to evaluating interactive panels for K-12 education—now.  

Keeping you adaptable: 3 key capabilities  

1. Mirror multiple devices with Screen Share (no internet required) 

Teachers love Screen Share for the freedom it gives them to enhance student collaboration from anywhere in the classroom and directly on the panel.  

With Screen Share, you’re always in control of who can share their screen and when—the Waiting Room allows you to manage up to 39 devices in one place, while sharing up to four screens on the panel simultaneously. Touchback capability even lets you interact with connected devices right from ActivPanel. Spotty WiFi? Screen Share automatically relies on local networks when internet access is an issue. All in all, it’s one powerful tool for increasing participation from every student in your class. 

2. Record and share classroom experiences with lesson capture 

At Promethean, we want every lesson to be an experience with the potential to spark lasting insights, regardless of a student’s physical location or learning style.  

Lesson capture—as opposed to simple screen capture—plays a key role in adaptability by empowering you to vividly share these experiences anytime and anywhere. ActivPanel 9 makes it possible with an omnidirectional microphone that clearly captures classroom voices, enabling students to learn from classmates’ questions and discussions even if they weren’t present for the actual event.  

3. Work seamlessly with the platforms of your choice 

Even the hardest working interactive panel is ultimately one component of an edtech ecosystem where digital tools and people come together. In what we call the transformation classroom, these connections are seamless and organic, enabling educators to adapt and pivot as learning scenarios evolve and change. 

That’s why we take pride in integrating our technology so closely with the education platforms you rely on every day. Instantly access favorite apps from the Google Play Store, and gain even more computing power and expanded storage with Promethean Chromebox. Connect to the Microsoft ecosystem for a flawless all-in-one, large-format Windows experience.  

The most important thing about adaptability: it means every student gets a chance to shine. Innovations in edtech are making this possible like never before. Our job is to keep them at your fingertips.  

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