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Creating Transformation Classroom

Published: March 6th, 2023

What exactly do we mean when we talk about transforming the way the world learns and collaborates?

To begin with, we focus on the one thing whose significance will never change: the teacher-student bond that makes learning possible. For us, transformational technology always serves to strengthen this connection. How? Step inside the transformation classroom and find out. 

For more real-world examples of the impact interactivity has on learning, download Creating Transformation Classrooms—our guide to evaluating interactive displays for K-12 education—today. 

Transformational environments: 3 key capabilities

No two classrooms are alike, just as every teacher-student interaction is unique. At the same time, our 25+ years working with schools around the world have taught us that transformational environments share three key capabilities.  

Here, we’ve illustrated each of them with examples from our own toolkit, to show how interactive displays and software—when specifically designed for teaching—can create physical and virtual spaces that spark brilliance.  

1. Inspiring active engagement  

In the transformation classroom, technology is intuitive and seamless, empowering teachers to engage their students to the fullest—through immersive multimedia, easy information sharing, and efficiencies that protect time for teaching and collaboration.  

Split-screen web browsing, stunning audiovisuals, a pen-on-paper touchscreen experience, and the ability to customize your panel with your favorite tools and apps—then save those preferences to an online profile—are just some of the ways we’ve engineered ActivPanel 9 to deepen student engagement and streamline teacher workdays. 

2. Enabling immediate assessment

Instantly deployable real-time formative assessment is a powerful transformation tool, enabling teachers to capture a-ha moments as they happen, while flagging comprehension issues before they cause a struggle. Teachers gain visibility, and students gain privacy, all in one experience. 

Dynamic quizzes, instant polls, educational games and achievement badges are a click away with ClassFlow—our cloud-based resource for secure real-time assessment that engages students individually or in groups. Seize on insights and take them further with ActivInspire, our experiential lesson delivery software whose tools make any topic interactive. 

3. Delivering inherent flexibility

At Promethean, flexibility means teachers work free of digital, spatial, and social-emotional barriers to education. When a classroom can readily adapt to changing logistics and diverse learning styles, every student gets a chance to shine.   

The ability to connect devices to your panel without the need for WiFi, a glare-free display that’s visible from any angle, a remote that makes it possible to teach from any corner of the room, and screen sharing and content capture that bring hybrid classrooms closer—you’re ready for any teaching scenario with the all-new ActivPanel 9. 

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