Edtech tools built on a foundation of research

For more than 25 years, Promethean has developed cutting-edge
technology that transforms the way the world learns and
collaborates. Through thoughtful, innovative product
development, we provide evidence-based learning tools
that improve outcomes for students and educators.

Logic models

Our logic models are roadmaps that illustrate how our hardware and software products are used by teachers and students, why they work, and the positive effects that result from incorporating them into the classroom environment.

Students actively engage in their learning.

  • Interact with high-value digital content, including lesson activities, videos, and learning checks.
  • Complete hands-on educational activities via touch, further enhancing comprehension and retention of concepts.
  • Stay attentive to lessons with the panel’s large display and multidirectional sound that make it easy to see and hear from anywhere.
  • Share work to the panel, engaging in peer-to-peer teaching and feedback that reinforces learning and boosts confidence.

Teachers create a collaborative learning hub.

  • Deliver lessons with rich, attention-grabbing multimedia and interactivity that aid understanding of concepts.
  • Integrate hands-on activities for students at the panel that keep them actively engaged.
  • Seamlessly share their laptop screen in real time to illustrate concepts for core learning, remediation, and lesson enhancement.

Using the ActivPanel supports the social and collaborative nature of the classroom.

  • Provides opportunities for students to touch and manipulate content on the panel, promoting an action-oriented, self-motivating approach to learning.
  • Puts motion, action, and visualizations at the center of the classroom, improving accessibility and engaging differentiated learners.
  • Supports large-group, small-group, one-on-one, and flipped classroom environments.
  • Holds students’ attention, keeping them attuned to the lesson at hand.

Built-in engagement apps make it easy for teachers to add excitement to lessons and evaluate students’ grasp of topics.

  • Invite more than one student up to the panel at a time to interact with lessons and resources using multiple points of touch.
  • Empower students to show individual work from their devices to the panel with Screen Share.
  • Capture important class notes using Annotation.
  • Quickly assess student understanding of concepts with Polling.
  • Select students at random to answer questions or share work, or add a gamification element with the Spinner.

The ActivPanel empowers teachers to creatively tailor instruction.

  • Customize a panel with personalized profiles that save a teacher’s preferred settings, apps, and favorite learning sites.
  • Intuitively incorporate a wide variety of multimedia elements, activity types, and creative websites within the user-friendly interface.
  • Quickly incorporate additional resources with the full desktop browser on the panel.
  • Ensure all students can view and hear content with the large format visual display and a multi-directional microphone array with superior sound.

Use of the ActivPanel has a positive impact on learning and teaching.

  • Increases student participation in classroom activities.
  • Boosts collaboration in the learning environment.
  • Improves student cognition and motivation and decreases disruptive behaviors.
  • Supports teaching and positively impacts staff satisfaction and retention.

A 2023 ActivPanel survey of teachers found:*

  • 96% of teachers use the ActivPanel several times a week.
  • 88% of teachers found the ActivPanel to have a positive impact on student engagement in their classroom.
  • Three-quarters of teachers observed improvement in students’ comprehension of subject matter with the use of the ActivPanel.
  • 86% of teachers believe the ActivPanel effectively supports interactive learning in the classroom.
  • 80% of teachers agree that the use of the ActivPanel improves students’ ability to practice and apply concepts through interactive activities.
  • More than two thirds of teachers believe usage of the ActivPanel improves collaboration amongst students in the classroom.

Improved outcomes for all types of learners is one of the many potential benefits of integrating the ActivPanel interactive display.

  • Positively influences students’ cognitive learning outcomes compared to traditional lecture-based lessons.1
  • Effectively facilitates personalized learning.1
  • Improves and enhances student thinking through the use of gestures and movement.2
  • Supports English language learners with Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety.4

  • Positively influences motivation, concentration, and creation of an enjoyable learning environment, contributing to higher student achievement.5
  • Unlocks latent capabilities for students who need more learning attention.6
  • Supports cognition, articulation, collective evaluation, and reworking of pupils’ own ideas and co-construction of new knowledge.7

Students participate in active learning.

  • Easily visualize ideas, concepts, and processes through drawings, diagrams, and annotations.
  • Engage in interactive lessons, quizzes, and exercises that enhance their understanding and retention of course content.
  • Collaborate with peers to tackle complex problems, share solutions in real time, and build classroom community.

Teachers create dynamic lessons for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

  • Deliver engaging lessons incorporating favorite resources and interactive activities.
  • Display and explain concepts through multimedia-rich presentations, including text, images, audio, and video.
  • Transform educational content into collaborative, captivating projects that support cognitive and social-emotional learning.
  • Record and share lessons and tutorials with in-person and remote students.

  • Promotes classroom teamwork and development of problem-solving skills through collaboration.
  • Improves engagement by immersing students in dynamic lessons and interactive presentations.
  • Illustrates concepts visually, supporting effective comprehension of complex ideas and encouraging creativity.
  • Supports impactful digital note-taking using Annotation tools that can easily be shared with students as learning resources.
  • Helps teachers assess comprehension, provide instant feedback, and adapt lessons to fill learning gaps by polling and engaging students in hands-on activities.
  • Facilitates learning for in-person, online, and hybrid classroom environments.

  • 80% of teachers use Explain Everything at least once a week.
  • 91% of users describe their experience with Explain Everything as “good” or “excellent.”
  • 78% of users say Explain Everything has just the right amount of features.
  • 96% of users find the in-classroom projection feature helpful.
  • 65% of teachers use Explain Everything to share recorded lessons with their students.
  • Explain Everything has an above average net promoter score (NPS) of 43.

Infusing classroom environments and lessons with active and collaborative learning opportunities increases student participation, motivation, and achievement.

  • Encourages deeper learning and the development of learning and teamwork skills.1
  • Supports learner satisfaction and retention by building a sense of community through collaborative learning.1

  • Engages students in active learning environments, increasing average examination scores by about 6%.2
  • Enhances and improves student cognition through the use of gestures and movement.3

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