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Our Vision

For over 20 years, learning has been, and always will be what fuels our passions. It represents the highest order contribution that we can make to improving the societies in which we live. We believe that the purpose of technology is not simply about automating the teaching and learning process, but to inspire and empower every student.

At Promethean, our goal is to reimagine and reinvent educational technology solutions to create the dynamic environments, communities, and tools that empower teachers and motivate students to learn.

We Are Promethean

We Are Passionate About Learning

Since our beginnings, we have always believed that learning is critical to the well-being of the world around us, and that we at Promethean have the ability to positively influence the way in which students learn.

We Believe in the Power of the Student

For us, the student will always be at the heart of our efforts to improve the quality and level of learning throughout the world. Today’s students are more connected than ever, bringing the power of interactive learning and limitless content to life.

Our Ultimate Purpose is to Motivate the Student to Learn

Through our passion for designs that enhance learning, we transform classrooms into collaborative and immersive environments, promoting engagement and energizing students throughout the learning process.

Promethean World Logo

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