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Spanning in-depth online resources, energizing live events, and our signature consulting program, Promethean’s professional development resources are unparalleled in edtech.

Getting Started

Want to learn more about your Promethean ActivPanel? Sign up for a “live” session below or explore our video library.


Promethean Education Consultants are former teachers with a passion for putting you in command of your interactive displays and software. Each consultant has at least five years of teaching experience, is a Google-Certified Level 2 Educator, and is a Promethean employee.

For those districts wanting a full-time, dedicated trainer, Promethean offers District Education Consultants. Unique in the industry, these experienced professionals are embedded in your district, providing unparalleled, customized, hands-on support.

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A thriving community

Promethean’s training events bring teachers together to learn new skills, share experiences, and grow their edtech acumen.

Meet our edtech all-stars

As a former special education teacher, Noel Tierney knew she wanted to inspire teachers and students to access technology and bring all the wonders of the world into the classroom! She has worked for Promethean for 9 years, first as an Education Consultant and now develops content to be used with Promethean’s Software. She loves to spend time at the beach with her husband and 2 daughters.


Celebrate achievements and share progress with our popular badging program. Earn recognition each time you complete a training course or attend a Promethean event. Display your badges on social media and in your email signature.

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An Apprentice badge is earned for completing any Promethean beginner course.


Promethean Champions have completed an intermediate course.


Our coveted Expert badge is earned by teachers who’ve completed an advanced course.

Train the Trainer

A Train the Trainer badge is earned after completing any of
the mentoring level courses.

More learning options

Our resources put edtech to work for you. Download our Professional Development catalog to learn about training opportunities from Promethean.

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Learn Promethean

Useful information for self-guided training, available at our convenient online portal.

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