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student and teacher using the Acticpanel interactive display in the classroom

Interactive displays and smart panels for education

What is a smart panel/ interactive display?

Interactive displays/ smart panels (also known as interactive whiteboards, interactive screens, digital whiteboards etc.) are often referred to as ‘front-of-class technology’. This technology for the classroom is a large screen display that can connect to a teacher’s computer to deliver lesson content. They are the evolution of interactive technology for schools that started with the replacement of traditional whiteboards with interactive whiteboards and then evolved into the interactive displays/ smart panels that we have today. They are used for collaboration, lesson delivery, teaching, and to promote interactivity and student engagement. 
This classroom technology can be operated with a connected laptop/computer or by using the built-in apps and teaching software. In previous years, the interactive whiteboard could only be activated using an overhead projector and a connected computer. In this model, users were able to mirror their connected displays onto the smart panel. 

As whiteboard technology progressed, users were then able to use their fingers and interactive pens on the screen to control the connected PC. Fingers and Pens were used to annotate, write, draw, open documents, and search the internet. So, imagine going from using a chalkboard or dry-erase board to having the teacher’s computer displayed in front of the classroom with the options to discover, create, share, and collaborate.

Fast forward to today, the Promethean ActivPanel offers the most robust, seamless, and secure user experience yet, offering features that respond to the unique needs of teachers, IT administrators, and school leaders. The ActivPanel 9 Premium comes with patented ActivSync technology that allows teachers to access files quickly and seamlessly across devices and panels. It also allows for seamless integration with Google and Microsoft.

What can I do with an interactive display/ smart panel?

The Promethean ActivPanel is a powerful multi-functional front of classroom device. Let’s discuss the most helpful features the panel provides. 

Multi Window
Screen Share 

These features leverage your smart panel to create a collaborative and engaging environment for students and users alike.

Promethean ActivPanel

ActivPanel 9 and ActivPanel 9 Premium

What’s the difference between the ActivPanel 9 and the ActivPanel 9 Premium?

The all-new ActivPanel 9 is Promethean’s most robust smart panel yet. It contains 20 points of touch, Vellum writing technology, pen and touch differentiation, and classroom essential apps. It truly gives teachers the freedom to teach from anywhere in the classroom and engages students in exciting ways.
The ActivPanel 9 Premium is our elevated option with a few extra features to make your life easier. It has the same features as ActivPanel 9 but also includes ActivSync, an NFC Card reader, Proximity Sensors, OPS Port, and a USB-C port with 100w charge. 

What is ActivSync? (available on ActivPanel 9 Premium)

ActivSync creates a direct connection from your computer to the ActivPanel 9 Premium, allowing you to share files seamlessly between the two devices. You can also use ActivSync to sign in quickly to any ActivPanel 9 Premium.

ActivPanel Nickel

What is included with ActivPanel Nickel?

The ActivPanel Nickel is Promethean’s most cost-effective option. This panel gives you core functionality and features at a great value. Included with the ActivPanel Nickel are a USB (A-B) cable, HDMI cable, regional power cable, USB-C cable, remote control with batteries, pen, VESA wall mount, Wi-Fi module and antennae. All Promethean panels are equipped to run classroom software and come with built-in apps as well.  

Business office holding a meeting using ActivPanel.
woman using Promethean Software on an ActivPanel

Promethean Software


What is ActivInspire and how does it work?

Award-winning ActivInspire is a desktop app that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is an intuitive way to create and deliver lessons that are interactive, engaging, and geared for breakthrough moments.


What is ClassFlow and how does it work?

Empower remote learners to achieve more with award-winning ClassFlow’s extensive toolkit. Create and deliver dynamic lessons that keep students engaged. Increase student engagement with instant polls, activities, and assessments sent to student devices. Quickly build quizzes to gauge student progress. Reward achievement with badges. And keep things energized with educational games.

What is the difference between ActivInspire and ClassFlow?

ActivInspire is a desktop lesson delivery software that can be installed on Windows, Linux, or Mac. ActivInspire’s lesson delivery allows for in-person student engagement in a synchronous learning environment. 
ClassFlow is a web-based lesson delivery software that you can access from any device. With ClassFlow you can share your screen to student devices and poll students in real time or create asynchronous lessons. 

Panel Management

What is Panel Management from Promethean?

With Promethean Panel Management, administrators can be confident that their ActivPanel interactive displays are secure. It’s also a great way to ensure teachers always have access to the latest Promethean firmware, software, and apps.

Promethean Accessories

Merlyn Mind

What is Symphony Classroom with Merlyn?

Symphony Classroom with Merlyn is a hardware and software solution built just for classrooms to bring the power of Merlyn to teachers. It’s a classroom hub, remote control, and AI software platform custom built for the unique needs of education and the privacy and security needs of schools.

Symphony Classroom includes far field microphones to untether teachers from the front of the room so they can speak and control technology from 30 feet away.
 It includes powerful speakers so students can clearly hear audio for the media resources teachers use in class. Symphony Classroom with Merlyn is powered by EdgeAI™ technology to run AI algorithms locally on the device, so Merlyn can help teachers and protect the privacy and security of teachers and students.

The remote control allows teachers to choose how Merlyn can help them best in any moment with voice, touch, or point-and-click control of classroom technology. The AI software platform makes it possible for Merlyn to respond to teacher commands.

Other Promethean Accessories

What other Promethean accessories are available for the ActivPanel?
Distance Learning Bundle
ActivConnect OPS-M
ActivSound Bar
ActivPanel Stands

teacher using his activpanel on his activpanel stand

Training with Promethean

Where can I get training from Promethean?

Promethean offers a wide array of training and support to help educators learn to use the many features of the ActivPanel and our associated products.

Learn Promethean A robust offering of online courses, video tutorials, and informational articles and guides to teach you how to unlock the power of your ActivPanel and software.

Professional Development Resources including live training events and certification courses taught by the Promethean Education Consultant team. Earn badges as you complete the levels of training to celebrate your success.

Education Consultants Promethean’s team of consultants – all Google Certified Level 2 Educators with extensive experience in teaching and curriculum development – are available for in-person training for individual schools as well as districts.

Promethean Support The Promethean Support website contains a wealth of technical information regarding our products. Find troubleshooting guides, software updates, as well as helpful videos to walk you through common issues and problems.