Interactive Displays & Screens for Education

NEW ActivPanel® Elements Series

The new ActivPanel Elements Series continues Promethean’s 20+ year tradition of developing purpose-built interactive displays for education that are designed by teachers, for teachers.

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ActivPanel Titanium

Our most powerful, teacher-friendly classroom solution. Providing enhanced interactivity, Bluetooth on-board, and advanced computing power, the ActivPanel Titanium interactive display delivers the most seamless and integrated learning experience available for the classroom.

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ActivPanel Nickel

All the essentials, all-in-one, and value focused. Combining the latest classroom technology and packed with everything teachers need right out of the box, the ActivPanel Nickel is the essential interactive display for education and a reliable solution for schools looking to replace outdated technology.

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Benefits of Promethean Interactive Displays for Classrooms: Designed by Teachers for Teachers

Administrators want to make meaningful investments in new interactive display technology that supports their school/district’s mission and overall vision. Innovative and low-maintenance, interactive displays are ideal long-term investments that personalize learning and enhance collaboration. With a 20+ year history of designing interactive whiteboard and interactive display technology for education, let’s examine why Promethean’s classroom solutions will empower teachers with user-friendly software tools that align with school/district’s goals and learning initiatives.

Which Interactive Display is Right for My Classroom?

If you’re looking for an interactive screen for education then take these three points into consideration. First, what features do you need? The ActivPanel Titanium delivers the highest level of performance, with features such as integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Second, does your interactive display board need to include free software with no annual licence fee? Ours does, such as ActivInspire lesson delivery software. Finally, if value is of importance without cutting on features, check out the ActivPanel Nickel.


According to Promethean’s recent study, the majority of teachers believe that educational technology accelerates learning in their classrooms (82%). However, high workloads for over half of these same teachers (57%) have led to underutilization of the very same tools that streamline processes and lesson prep.

Promethean interactive displays for education power up in seconds, provide an intuitive user interface, and a natural writing experience, eliminating guesswork and frustration and allowing teachers to focus on the lesson delivery instead of the technology. With the ability to utilize educational and productivity-based apps from the Google Play Store, Promethean interactive displays facilitate cloud-based lesson delivery, giving administrators and teachers time-saving tools. In addition, live annotation on top of lesson materials and activities allows greater flexibility to interact and differentiate daily instruction.

Interactive Screens or Displays?

Prior to the introduction of Interactive Displays such as the ActivPanel Elements Series, the technology known as ‘Interactive Screens’ was mostly restricted to touchboards that still utilized a project based system. With the advent of interactive displays, where the actual display with the data was clickable, interactive screens and touchboards are slowly being replaced.

Meaningful Collaboration

Both STEM and collaborative learning (57% and 43% respectively) were identified as top learning initiative priorities for schools and districts. Promethean interactive displays for the classroom are more conducive to STEM curriculum implementation because they feature digital tools that enhance the teaching experience. With up to 20 simultaneous touch points and a simplified user interface, Promethean’s interactive whiteboard software entices student interaction on an infinite learning canvas. Integrated Wi-Fi and available Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy for teachers to connect STEM-based apps and accessories.

The ability to wirelessly screen share student devices during small group activities is another great advantage of Promethean interactive displays. Teachers and students can easily cast up to four devices to the display at once, enhancing collaboration. Teachers can also screen capture student work and provide instant feedback and analysis as each group works toward assignment goals. A device-agnostic approach allows for untethered teaching from anywhere in the classroom, letting educators design a creative learning experience that builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Helping Schools Stay Ahead of EdTech Trends

Four in ten teachers cited updating technology as a key priority for their school/district. However, older classroom interactive whiteboards quickly become obsolete when factoring in the cost of bulb replacement and expensive software upgrades. In comparison, Promethean interactive display solutions are based on LED technology, so they are virtually maintenance free and have extended life spans. Furthermore, powerful lesson delivery software is included with Promethean interactive displays, without costly annual subscriptions.

Promethean interactive displays also feature one place to go for teachers to access their all of their apps, just like smartphones and tablets, letting teachers build a EdTech digital ecosystem with fewer technological barriers. A safe, fast, and reliable Android-based OS with over-the-air updates equips teachers with Promethean’s latest classroom essential apps, enhancing pedagogical skills and improving student achievement outcomes.