Is education becoming more environmentally friendly?

Like every sector and industry, education has been compelled to review its environmental impact. Educators teach about the health of the planet, our ecology, and climate change to their students, […]

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What’s the future of edtech and education?

Although education is always responding to societal shifts, adapting to the impact on students’ needs as they progress towards the world of work, recent years have precipitated more change than […]

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Sprawling Alaskan school district brings the latest edtech to its rural schools

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough, in Southcentral Alaska, sits in a valley bounded by three mountain ranges, with vast stretches of public land and thousands of glacial lakes. If you pull it […]

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speaker talking to audience

3 strategic considerations for school leaders

School strategy setting is a complex task for school leaders. It requires balancing a fundamental set of school needs — baseline attainment, budgets, stakeholders, and government policies — with the […]

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teacher delivering hybrid learning lesson to students

Is hybrid learning still a strategic priority?

Hybrid learning has been hanging over education, shaping strategy and defining lesson delivery — so much so that educators wondered whether it’d subside. While schools largely feel more prepared for […]

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students working on laptops in the classroom

Alone, together – has teaching become more than providing an education?

Student maturity has always been an interest of teachers, but usually refers to a studious, conscientious work ethic. However, after a period of lockdown and isolation, educators are more aware […]

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students working on laptop in classroom

Keeping up momentum

While IT directors have been tackling digital inequity, many teachers have felt overburdened by the challenges of remote teaching and tech access issues. It’s been uncertain whether they still see […]

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students using a Promethean ActivPanel

Promethean Supports Nawaka District School with Modern Classroom Technology

Promethean has helped the Nawaka District school near Nadi, Fiji, to realise an ambition of creating a modern classroom environment with the donation of three ActivPanels. Although the school is […]

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What's Next in Education

What’s next: The future of education

Expedited by the pandemic, the next era of education has arrived. The future of education will be defined by flexible, personalized, student-centered learning, innovative education technologies, and a collective mission […]

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students raising hands engaging in the classroom

What is student engagement?

Student engagement is a commonly discussed concept which all educators agree is of vital importance. It’s a large part of the reason tools such as interactive whiteboards (also known as […]

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Promethean panel in a NVUSD Classroom

The Napa Valley community unites to bring innovative technology to its school

California was one of the hardest-hit states for much of the pandemic, dealing with more cases of COVID-19 and stricter lockdowns than many other parts of the country. And that […]

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Teacher assisting a student who is using a mobile device

Back to school: Addressing inequities

The 2020 – 2021 school year highlighted global educational inequities. As educators prepare for the school year ahead, addressing these inequities will be a top priority. Equity is key to […]

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Edtech News

Edtech news roundup

Here are 3 of the latest and trending U.S. education news stories. 1. Schools Continue to Remain Remote Amid Vaccine Rollout After a full year of adapting between virtual and […]

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East Noble School Corporation Using the Promethean ActivPanel

How edtech helped an Indiana district continue interactive learning during COVID

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, resuming in-person learning during the pandemic remains a significant barrier for many district administrators. Whether it’s creating a safe learning […]

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woman teaching others in the classroom

What’s your future-proof edtech strategy for the next academic year?

After the year we’ve had, it’s a critical time in schools’ strategy setting. Last year, however, many teachers didn’t feel involved. This may be understandable given the constantly shifting landscape […]

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teacher engaging with students

How much has pedagogy changed in 2020/21?

Once regarded as a slow-changing sector, the changes to education technology seen in the past 12 months have been remarkable. But are these changes a short-term solution? Or a long-term […]

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U.S. education technology news – March 2021

One year later: Learning models have shifted and some are staying put As the pandemic evolved in the past year, so did education systems. Since the abrupt transition last March, […]

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Worth County Schools brings hybrid lessons to life with latest technology

Worth County Schools’ vision is to prepare students to graduate and be productive citizens by providing them with access to high-quality programs. To support their vision, the district prioritized a […]

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The ultimate guide to student engagement

As students and teachers return to the classroom, schools are taking stock of learning loss resulting from the pandemic, refocusing on student engagement, and reevaluating their approach. A critical component […]

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The guide to designing a STEAM classroom

Promethean has taken the guesswork out of designing an immersive STEAM learning experience for your classroom. Our professional development team, with over 140 years of combined teaching experience, has researched […]

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child writing in notebook in classroom

Setting district growth goals for student engagement

How can schools benefit from setting goals for student engagement? While schools are committed to ensuring that their students are engaged, few schools set formal goals around student engagement. Setting […]

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edtech news

The latest U.S. education news roundup

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories. Know the trends that Are transforming 2021 The past year was especially turbulent for education – adjusting to school […]

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students engaging each other virtually on laptop

Professional development for student engagement

The 2020 pandemic expedited the adoption of new edtech tools, revealing an urgent and widespread need for additional professional development focused on teacher technology training. In fact, Promethean’s State of Technology […]

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student engaging in science class

The future of student engagement

Student engagement in 2021 & beyond 2020 was a tumultuous year that catalyzed change in the education system unlike any we’ve seen in recent history. Among the biggest challenges has […]

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