Aldine Independent School District Case Study

Customer story: How to create a 5-year education technology plan that works

“Projectors are very expensive to maintain and sometimes teachers had to turn off the lights to make it easier for students to view images,”  Nguyen Bui, Aldine Independent School District […]

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Aldine ISD's Professional Development Program

Customer story: The administrator’s role in effective technology adoption

Many schools and districts dedicate a significant amount of time evaluating the right technology to purchase for their schools, but do they dedicate as much time to create a plan […]

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students working on laptop in classroom

How to build an immersive learning environment

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District is large and continues to grow by nearly 1,000 students each year, creating continuous pressure to provide all students with equally impactful educational experiences. The district […]

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student raising hand in the classroom

Where to start when integrating new education technology tools

Sarasota County Schools decided it was time to search for a replacement for its aging projectors and interactive whiteboards. With the advancement of touch technology on the horizon in education, […]

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Teacher using a Promethean ActivPanel board

How one California district tackled digital disparity

In October 2014, the Palmdale School District staff and board members started mapping out a strategic plan focused on student outcomes. In early 2015, this plan – the “Palmdale Promise” […]

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classroom with interactive flat panel

Out with the old edtech, in with the new

Although Byram Hills High School has been recognized by Forbes® and Newsweek® as one of the nation’s top 100 public schools, the district knew it must prepare for the future. […]

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students working on a interactive flat panel

NYC Elementary School develops stronger curriculum with edtech

“Schools need technology coaches and assistants more than ever before. If you don’t understand how to integrate it into a lesson, what’s the point in having it?” It all started […]

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students using technology in the classroom

Five steps to tech implementation success from schools

The education industry puts a high premium on student engagement and innovative, technology-based learning methods. However, a recent survey of nearly 1,000 education professionals points to a number of barriers […]

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How interactive flat panels untether teachers and enable more flexible learning

Today, technology like interactive flat panels (IFPs) untether teachers from the front of the room – allowing them to move freely about while seamlessly delivering a lesson.

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