Are Promethean boards obsolete?

ActivPanel 9 Premium and ActivPanel product comparison

Published: July 20th, 2023

As students break for the summer, educators are in the classroom weighing changes and improvements for the new school year. In the middle of the furthest wall in the room rests the centerpiece of the classroom – a Promethean board. 

Now a few years after its installation, the touchscreen has become a classroom fixture, an essential tool in the educator’s kit.

With new classroom technology reaching the market every day, it’s natural to ask, when is the best time to upgrade? Are Promethean boards obsolete?

On the contrary, educators choose Promethean boards because of the longevity of the hardware as well as the intuitive interface. In this article, we will look at a few of the primary features of Promethean boards that make them a worthwhile long-term investment.

In-house touchscreen technology

Jerky, uncalibrated touch is a thing of the past. Promethean interactive displays include a state- of-the-art infrared touchscreen technology, at the request of teachers tired of re-calibrating or re-installing software just to write legibly on their boards.

This technology delivers touch detection with pinpoint accuracy, masterfully replicating the feeling of writing on paper. Precise to the millimeter, teachers and students alike will enjoy writing and drawing on their interactive flat panel dispay. 

Can be used with a stylus or other tool

Promethean’s interactive displays serve to improve classroom efficiency in every way. Whereas traditional whiteboards (and even some other smartboards) can only be interfaced with using a marker or stylus, Promethean interactive displays can read a number of different tools and devices. 

These panels contain touch sensors that give educators a vast selection of tools they can utilize when interacting with their product. Educators can even invite students or colleagues to write, draw, or play games on the panel itself, facilitating learning in copious unique ways.

Improved usability and accessibility

Promethean interactive displays are anything but obsolete. The feature improvements to the latest iteration of the ActivPanel include significant improvements to the product’s user interface and software – to ensure that teachers are getting the latest in accessible edtech solutions.

The ActivPanel 9 is powered by technology like ActivSync which allow workflows and files to be transferred seamlessly from your device to any Promethean panel. Whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer – simply plug it in, and the ActivPanel is now synced with your device. 

Promethean offers a catalog of products

ActivPanel Pro

The classroom is far from the only place where our interactive flat displays shine. Our new ActivPanel 9 Pro is designed with working professionals in mind – which is why every system comes with a suite of peripherals that enhance usability. The ActivPanel 9 Pro provides a complete user experience by giving professionals the tools they need to thrive whether they are in the office or at home.

ActivPanel LX

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable front-of-classroom display, look no further than the ActivPanel LX. Designed to work with your current technology platform—along with the software and apps you know and love—this robust interactive panel provides the quality, dependability, and versatility you expect from Promethean.

Promethean boards are built for modern education

As outside forces continue to impress change on the educational landscape, administrative faculty and educators must work to tackle these challenges to the best of their abilities. 

Often, educators can only be as effective as their available tools and resources. That’s why it’s so crucial that classroom technologies stay current with the times. 

Promethean boards are designed with educators in mind. Teachers prefer Promethean products over our competitors because the intuitive design lets them take charge of how they create and teach their lessons. School administrators choose Promethean thanks to our unparalleled order fulfillment and professional development and training. Time and again, we’ve proven our dedication to all players in the educational system, from students and teachers to administrators and superintendents.

Conducive to remote learning

One of the most prevalent challenges for educators over the last several years pertains to the development of remote learning and hybrid learning environments. 

In response to the global pandemic, many educational facilities have integrated remote learning into their curriculum. To handle this shift, many classrooms adopted Promethean boards to accommodate this learning adjustment.

Promoting digital equity

Digital equity refers to the notion that every student, regardless of socioeconomic status or educational ability, should have equal access and opportunity to succeed in the classroom. Equity in education is at the core of our principles – and we strive to reflect that in our design philosophy. 

ActivInspire facilitates collaborative learning between remote and in-classroom students, ensuring that no student misses an opportunity to learn and thrive. Supplying educators with the right tools for managing their classrooms allows time for more concentrated one-on-one lessons with the students that need a little extra help.

Promethean products are designed with accessibility in mind. By enabling seamless peer-to-peer interaction and hybrid classroom instruction, teachers can better accommodate the students that need it. Students can write, draw, and interact with the multifunctional stylus that comes with all Promethean smart panels. For those with physical disabilities, touch-sensitive smart-glass makes interacting with the panel easy.

Promethean boards are fast, reliable, and here to stay

Promethean boards have become a staple feature of thousands of classrooms across the country, and they aren’t going anywhere. 

Educators prefer Promethean not only because of the products, but the comprehensive support and training we offer. From events like Camp Promethean to Learn Promethean 

Educators prefer Promethean boards over competing edtech because of their ease of use, reliability, and software. Additionally, Promethean offers comprehensive support and educational training from events such as Camp Promethean and Learn Promethean.

When it comes to interactive flat panel technology, few do it better than Promethean. Find out why thousands of teachers across the country are switching to interactive displays and online learning software.

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