student raising hand in the classroom

What makes a supportive school post-pandemic?

After schools’ objectives were derailed by the disruption of lockdown, they’ve reviewed what’s most important about a student’s education. Is it nurturing their growth in a safe environment? Or securing […]

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Teacher uses interactive whiteboard to engage students in lesson

Benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom

An interactive whiteboard is this generation’s take on traditional whiteboards. Also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, these interactive displays are used in a variety of classroom and educational […]

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students using a Promethean ActivPanel

Promethean Supports Nawaka District School with Modern Classroom Technology

Promethean has helped the Nawaka District school near Nadi, Fiji, to realise an ambition of creating a modern classroom environment with the donation of three ActivPanels. Although the school is […]

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EdTech News Roundup

Edtech news roundup – July 2021

Here are 3 of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects. 1. The School Year Comes to a Close The month of June raises a range of […]

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toddler touching mobile device

The rise of MLearning: Approaches and strategies

The future of education continues to show us how we can build on traditional approaches to better prepare students for life beyond the classroom. Mobile learning, or mLearning, is an […]

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people talking

How has IT had an impact on teaching last year?

School IT managers were the unsung heroes of 2020. With fast-tracked remote working deployment and a universal reliance on technology for basic teaching, technical staff kept schools up and running […]

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IT Professional working on laptop

Which classroom tech trends are on your 2022 roadmap?

After the changes to education in 2020, the use of classroom technologies has shifted. Last year, delivering educational benefits through technology was a top-three priority however, many are concerned budgetary […]

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woman teaching others in the classroom

What’s your future-proof edtech strategy for the next academic year?

After the year we’ve had, it’s a critical time in schools’ strategy setting. Last year, however, many teachers didn’t feel involved. This may be understandable given the constantly shifting landscape […]

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teacher engaging with students

How much has pedagogy changed in 2020/21?

Once regarded as a slow-changing sector, the changes to education technology seen in the past 12 months have been remarkable. But are these changes a short-term solution? Or a long-term […]

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students working on a interactive panel for the classroom

Three technological enablers and barriers to learning last year

If last year taught us anything, it’s that nothing can truly replace face to face learning. As students returned to schools, teachers and administrators began to look at ways to […]

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teacher engaging with student

How are teachers keeping up with classroom technology?

Around the globe, the role of technology in education shifted dramatically in 2020. The immediate necessity to move teaching online was a huge learning curve for teachers, students and parents. […]

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Worth County Schools brings hybrid lessons to life with latest technology

Worth County Schools’ vision is to prepare students to graduate and be productive citizens by providing them with access to high-quality programs. To support their vision, the district prioritized a […]

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Educators standing by a interactive flat panel

Roseville Community Schools excels in overcoming challenges faced during the pandemic

Educating students during the pandemic has been a challenge for every district.  However, Roseville Community Schools (RCS) in Roseville, MI found themselves ready to take on remote, hybrid, and in-classroom […]

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computer screen with code

Strategic planning is key to education technology success

If there’s one thing everyone learned—or should have learned—from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that having a strategic plan to address unforeseen crises is essential. While no one can anticipate every […]

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ActivPanel Interactive Board integrating with laptop set up in front of it.

How ActivPanel fits into any technology environment

While most of us are not all science experts and may not know the specifics of the elements on the periodic table, we can all easily understand the Promethean ActivPanel […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – October 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. edtech news stories to know about this month. 1. Many districts forgot the scout’s motto: Be prepared  As featured on District Administration, Promethean’s […]

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teacher using a Promethean ActivPanel to teach students

East Ramapo CSD focuses on future-forward edtech integration

Across the district, many East Ramapo Central School District staff and its 9,000 students were experiencing software limitations on interactive whiteboards and projectors, stifling lesson interactivity. After receiving a recommendation […]

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students engaging virtually

4 steps to building a student tech squad

Students often are experts in technology, understanding, and having experience with many types of devices. Now that students and teachers alike are using technology to power their daily distance, hybrid, […]

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students collaborating using a interactive flat panel

Spartanburg School District Seven focuses on teacher-first digital transition

Long before the days of distance and hybrid learning, many schools started implementing their digital conversion plans to update technology and focus on professional development districtwide. No one could have […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – September 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories from September 2020. Lessons Learned As told by eSchool News, many students and educators are back to school the […]

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How are schools maximizing the potential of their edtech?

Gallup found engaged students are 2.5 times more likely to say they get excellent grades and do well in school and are 4.5 times more likely to be hopeful about […]

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woman using a tablet in the classroom

Your guide to finding interactive displays for the classroom

Interactive display solutions are an ideal place to start when looking for classroom technology. However, it’s difficult to decide what types of interactive displays are best for your classrooms. In […]

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Classroom comeback

What does the “new normal” mean for education? Promethean’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Halliwell, and Chief Marketing Officer, Cheryl Miller, discuss how educators and students are tackling mobile learning and […]

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Student tech squad to the rescue!

The saying, not all heroes wear capes, is true for the National School District Student Tech Squad. Listen to this podcast to learn how they started a new initiative to […]

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