students working on laptop in classroom

The impact of COVID on the future of education

The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially turned the education system in the United States upside down. Never in the history of the nation have children, families, and educators experienced such widespread […]

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Powering student engagement with Promethean

Student engagement in 2020 and beyond While educators agree that advancing student engagement is critical, schools across the country continue to be challenged in their efforts to meet student engagement […]

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ActivPanel Interactive Board integrating with laptop set up in front of it.

How ActivPanel fits into any technology environment

While most of us are not all science experts and may not know the specifics of the elements on the periodic table, we can all easily understand the Promethean ActivPanel […]

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student learning with classmate who is remote

The pandemic tests schools’ preparedness to shift to remote learning

In early March 2020, students, parents, and educators across the United States experienced something extraordinary—the near-total shutdown of their school buildings. Due to a pandemic that was rapidly gaining traction, […]

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empty classroom due to remote learning capability during the pandemic

Forces that attract: How UC Berkeley chemistry professors made the transition to remote learning

Wake up. Log in. Cover the camera and mute the mic. For many first-year college students making the switch to online learning, it’s the new normal. And with a majority […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – October 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. edtech news stories to know about this month. 1. Many districts forgot the scout’s motto: Be prepared  As featured on District Administration, Promethean’s […]

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teacher using a Promethean ActivPanel to teach students

East Ramapo CSD focuses on future-forward edtech integration

Across the district, many East Ramapo Central School District staff and its 9,000 students were experiencing software limitations on interactive whiteboards and projectors, stifling lesson interactivity. After receiving a recommendation […]

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students collaborating using a interactive flat panel

Spartanburg School District Seven focuses on teacher-first digital transition

Long before the days of distance and hybrid learning, many schools started implementing their digital conversion plans to update technology and focus on professional development districtwide. No one could have […]

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edtech news

US education technology news – September 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories from September 2020. Lessons Learned As told by eSchool News, many students and educators are back to school the […]

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students working on assignments in the classroom

Hybrid & blended learning guide

This guide touches upon blended learning and hybrid learning modalities and considerations school districts may use to adopt newer forms of learning. In addition, this guide will provide specifics related […]

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How are schools maximizing the potential of their edtech?

Gallup found engaged students are 2.5 times more likely to say they get excellent grades and do well in school and are 4.5 times more likely to be hopeful about […]

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woman using a tablet in the classroom

Your guide to finding interactive displays for the classroom

Interactive display solutions are an ideal place to start when looking for classroom technology. However, it’s difficult to decide what types of interactive displays are best for your classrooms. In […]

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Classroom comeback

What does the “new normal” mean for education? Promethean’s Chief Product Officer, Steve Halliwell, and Chief Marketing Officer, Cheryl Miller, discuss how educators and students are tackling mobile learning and […]

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Student tech squad to the rescue!

The saying, not all heroes wear capes, is true for the National School District Student Tech Squad. Listen to this podcast to learn how they started a new initiative to […]

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Interactive displays: The go to blended learning tool

You’ve spent countless hours and enormous energy reimagining curriculum to accommodate mobile learning platforms. Your district has distributed 1:1 devices and resources at a rate unparalleled in your technology implementation […]

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students working on a interactive flat panel

NYC Elementary School develops stronger curriculum with edtech

“Schools need technology coaches and assistants more than ever before. If you don’t understand how to integrate it into a lesson, what’s the point in having it?” It all started […]

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Students collaborating

Case study: How Palmer High put the focus on students

Palmer High School is a large, urban school in downtown Colorado Springs known for tolerance and diversity. The school has hosted a thriving International Baccalaureate program for more than 20 […]

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Cypress-Fairbanks ISD and Promethean Technology

Customer story: How Cypress-Fairbanks ISD engages students with technology

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (ISD) is the third-largest district in Texas, covering 186 square miles and serving more than 115,000 students. To provide their growing community with the technology needed to […]

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Promethean Case Study

Case study: How to achieve digital equality districtwide

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the fourth-largest district in the U.S. composed of 392 schools with an estimated 245,000 students.  After receiving a $1.2 billion bond to upgrade classroom technology, […]

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Hybrid Learning

Teachers have never been strangers to trying new things in their classrooms to serve their students—a skill set that will more than likely be put to use with the tenuous […]

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Aldine Independent School District Case Study

Customer story: How to create a 5-year education technology plan that works

“Projectors are very expensive to maintain and sometimes teachers had to turn off the lights to make it easier for students to view images,”  Nguyen Bui, Aldine Independent School District […]

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Professional learning

Embracing edtech amid the unknown: Best-practices from leaders in the field As teachers are increasingly asked to teach remotely and students learning at home, education technology has morphed from being […]

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Aldine ISD's Professional Development Program

Customer story: The administrator’s role in effective technology adoption

Many schools and districts dedicate a significant amount of time evaluating the right technology to purchase for their schools, but do they dedicate as much time to create a plan […]

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Measuring success

How to Measure Success of Your edtech: It Might Not Be Easy, but It’s Possible In 2019, spending on education technology (edtech) in the United States exceeded $13 billion, according […]

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