Education news roundup – May 2022

Education Technology News

Published: May 19th, 2022

Importance of implementing IT support in education

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, with more edtech, more devices, and a shift in instruction due to the pandemic, demand for IT support has skyrocketed. Some schools are strengthening their support by leveraging a decentralized team.

IT teams can assist students and teachers in solving problems—from connectivity issues to facilitating integrations. As computer-based learning continues to be adopted within the classroom, IT teams can educate teachers on the best practices for specific devices, while also instilling confidence in employing technology during lessons.

The incorporation of an IT team contributes to the success of schools as a whole. It works to streamline workflow and minimize technological disruptions so teachers can focus on educating and students can focus on learning.

How to boost teacher morale during the school year

With the transition to online learning and the restructuring of lesson plan delivery, teachers met a variety of obstacles that have led to increased stress and low morale. One tactic proven to increase morale is providing teachers with tools that facilitate the creation and implementation of daily lesson plans and improve overall efficiency. Utilizing edtech tools such as interactive panels can increase access to online media and applications that support student comprehension and increase achievement.

The addition of edtech tools in the classroom provides extra support for teachers trying to create new and engaging activities for students. With greater access to online tools, teachers are less stressed and can manage a better work-life balance.

Collaboration is key to long-term success

In order to prepare their students for the workforce, educators try to teach them how to work efficiently within teams. They focus on key strategies such as creating a strong classroom community.

Building a strong classroom community is essential to preparing students for long-term success because classrooms are similar to the modern-day workplace. Creating an environment that encourages collaboration, open communication, and creativity contributes to the growth of students’ teamwork capabilities, social skills, and understanding of roles and responsibilities.

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