7 reasons you’ll love the all-new ActivPanel

Published: August 31st, 2022

At Promethean, we lead the way in next-generation interactive displays for education, and our interactive display is at the forefront.  

From the stress of exams and marking to managing a particularly excitable class, we understand that teachers want technology that makes their lives easier in the classroom – and the ActivPanel 9 does just that.  

Read on to learn a few reasons why you’ll love the ActivPanel 9, and find out how it can transform your classroom and, hopefully, make your job that much less stressful too.  

1. Start using your panel the minute you turn it on 

We know that dynamic, passionate teachers want to kickstart their lessons as soon as they enter the classroom, and the all-new ActivPanel lets you start your lesson from the moment you switch on your panel.  

No more time wasted powering on and setting up slow devices – ActivPanel 9 lets you set the pace, with a swift set-up that has you teaching and engaging your students in seconds.  

But as well as speed, we know that teachers want convenience and ease of use from their panel too. The ActivPanel’s swift setup is combined with an intuitive interface that’s so simple to use – even the most technophobic teacher will take to it like a duck to water.  

2. Sign in quickly and securely with your preferred method

We all have those mornings – sometimes we leave our pass at home, or we can’t quite remember our password. But with the all-new ActivPanel, you’ve got a variety of sign-in methods open to you, each one as secure and confidential as the last.  

ActivPanel 9 supports a variety of swift and secure sign-in methods to suit your style, offering convenience and peace of mind.  

It’s easier than ever to access your panel. Simply swipe an NFC card or QR code, type in a password, or with ActivSync by connecting your device, and start teaching.   

3. Personalize your panel and make it your own

Every teacher has a unique way of educating their class and driving student engagement. Visual aids, videos, digital media, mnemonics, Q&As, even poems – everyone has their preferred method of engaging students.  

With this in mind, we’ve designed our interactive panel with a variety of personalization options so you can make it your own.  

Customize your menu with your favorite tools pinned where you want them, and take your personalized profile wherever you go as you move between classrooms with your roaming profile – teach your way with ActivPanel 9.   

4. Connect to any device

Modern classrooms (and teachers) often use a variety of devices throughout the day. As such, you need the technology that lets you jump from device to device with ease and from anywhere in the classroom.  

It’s all about connectivity, and the all-new ActivPanel with ActivSync allows you to link any device quickly and seamlessly.  

This is where our patented ActivSync technology comes into its own. It allows you to save resources quickly, easily, and seamlessly to your devices, eliminating digital barriers so you can enjoy direct, easy access to your files as you move between classrooms, home, or school.  

5. Save screens and record lessons

Found the perfect timeline for your history class and want to save it? Need to create a quick video of the algebra essentials? Or maybe you just want to create a handy revision pack to help your students ahead of exams?  

Whatever you need, lesson delivery software and panel apps give you the ability to grab screenshots and record lessons at the touch of a button.  

Capture what you need and quickly save it to your panel, the cloud, or a device of your choice with seamless ActivSync technology, so you can move between classrooms and access materials, either through the panel or outside of it in a way that suits you.  

No Wi-Fi? No problem! ActivSync only relies on a direct USB connection, so you can carry on teaching even if your internet connection fails.  

6. Share with your students

In the modern classroom, digital is key, and the all-new ActivPanel makes it easier than ever to share vital resources, and essential lessons, use screenshots, homework, and more with your students.  

Wherever you’re teaching, ActivSync allows you to save resources quickly and easily to your devices, with fast and intuitive access to your network drives, shared folders, and cloud storage, so you can easily share them with your students via cloud platforms. 

7. Rest easy knowing your panel will last for years to come

Technology has earned an essential place in the world of education over the past few years.  

For teachers, this means the deployment of reliable, consistent, and futureproofed technology that always delivers the cutting-edge features they need, without the need for constant updates or upgrades.  

The ActivPanel provides peace of mind every time, with improved processing speed, memory, storage, and updated networking hardware. Our innovative panels for schools are built for today and the future, so you can focus on delivering an engaging classroom experience every time.  

Find out how the all-new ActivPanel can transform your classroom with a demo.