The ultimate guide to student engagement

Published: March 3rd, 2021

Advancing Student Success in 2021

As students and teachers return to the classroom, schools are taking stock of learning loss resulting from the pandemic, refocusing on student engagement, and reevaluating their approach.

A critical component of academic success, student engagement initiatives will play a defining role in this next chapter in education.

To help teachers and educators, Promethean has developed The Ultimate Guide to Student Engagement to help unlock the approaches, tools, and strategies you need to drive student success in 2021 and beyond. This blog provides a quick overview, but get the guide for more insights.

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  1. Student engagement today & key stakeholders – The education landscape has shifted dramatically over the past year. Gain insights on the pandemic’s impact on student engagement, key stakeholders (hint: IT administrators play an increasingly important role), and the barriers educators are currently facing.
  2. Teacher-tested tips – We consulted Promethean’s teacher community to learn what’s working and what’s not, and emerged with proven strategies for driving engagement across different modalities. Help get students back on track with easy-to-implement, teacher-tested tips, including strategies for keeping hybrid learning students engaged and activities for in-person classes.
  3. Driving engagement through student-led learning – Get students invested in their education by empowering them to direct their own learning experience. Explore different approaches to student-led learning and discover how to integrate student-centered activities into your classroom, whether in-person or remote.
  4. Professional development for student engagement – Student success depends on teacher preparedness and teacher training designed with student engagement in mind. Learn how to align teacher-preparation programs with student engagement objectives to provide educators with the tools and training they need to succeed.
  5. Measuring student engagement – Student engagement metrics can yield valuable insights into a student’s academic progress and investment in their learning, but measuring student engagement can be challenging. Explore methods of collecting student engagement data to reveal just how engaged your students are and inform your 2021 approach.
  6. Setting growth goals for student engagement – Discover new approaches to advancing academic success with district growth goals for student engagement. Learn how to set actionable goals around student engagement and stay on track with Promethean’s customizable PACT goals template available in the guide.
  7. The future of student engagement – What will the future of student engagement look like in 2021 and beyond, and what can schools do to prepare now? Explore key areas including social and emotional learning, edtech innovations, and more.
  8. Access the complete guide – At this pivotal moment in education, school leaders have an opportunity to define new approaches to student engagement to pioneer an innovative path forward. With a renewed focus on student engagement, schools can move to not only get academic achievement back on track but propel student learning to new heights. Get the Guide

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