Worth County Schools brings hybrid lessons to life with latest technology

Published: March 10th, 2021

Worth County Schools’ vision is to prepare students to graduate and be productive citizens by providing them with access to high-quality programs. To support their vision, the district prioritized a technology program that provided equal access to devices and Wi-Fi across their schools.

The district team put a plan in place to provide desktop computers, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and interactive panels in each classroom. These digital tools helped teachers and students transition from their traditional teaching and learning methods in the classroom to home.

According to Melissa Edwards, Principal at Worth County High School, the technology was a gamechanger:

“Beginning with the productivity side, especially living in a COVID world right now, we are able to allow teachers to work from home if they’re placed on quarantine unexpectantly because they can join in using Google Meet, and we can put the Google Meet on the Promethean Board. Students can sit with their Chromebooks at their desk and follow along with the teacher and see them live time on the big screen, up in front of the classroom just as if they were really there.”

This customer story was created in collaboration with SureLock Technology

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