The latest U.S. education news roundup

Published: January 25th, 2021

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories.

  1. Know the trends that Are transforming 2021

The past year was especially turbulent for education – adjusting to school closures, remote and hybrid learning, and finding the pathway to continue teaching through the disruptions. Now we’re looking forward to a new year of education, and the trends that will accompany the refreshed ways of learning.

Technology will play a key role in education moving forward. As mentioned in Study International, Promethean interactive displays and technology solutions will continue to aid in student learning. Technology solutions will also include AI solutions that can identify obstacles students are facing and big data analysis to monitor and predict student’s performances among others.

Education technology is continuing to evolve every day. As educational administrations transition in the new year, and we discover more tools to support schools and students, the education space will continue to grow – just as it was always meant to.


  1. The events informing Us

This year, Promethean attended ISTE20 Live (virtually for the first time ever!). This ultimate professional development conference for educators highlighted some of the challenges we’ve faced this year, and how we can teach and learn from each other how to overcome them.

Topics ranged from inequalities in education to discussing where education is headed in a world beyond COVID-19.

For Promethean, we discussed the trends we saw in our State of Technology in Education 2020 Report, how to run an interactive, fun event virtually through our online escape room, and we uncovered what the science of distance learning really is.

If you want to check out the virtual event and listen to session’s you may have missed at the conference that’s helping shape education, visit ISTE20 here.


  1. Worried about hybrid learning? Don’t be

This period of adjustment is solely that – an adjustment.

While there certainly has been uncertainty across all aspects of life, especially education, there is also a lot of room for opportunity and growth in the coming year. It was a scramble to mold lessons into virtual environments, but now that we know how to, we can come back stronger than ever and are better prepared.

In an article from EdSurge, author Kyair Butts reflects on the year we had, with optimism and predictions for the future. This includes updating educational environments to better listen to teachers to discover the best practices for in-person, distance, and hybrid learning. It also includes incorporating and committing to emotional check-ins with families and students.

Further, new surveys have found that remote learning will maintain its strong presence in education long after the pandemic passes, according to Education Week. Districts are confirming their plans to move forward with online learning and to implement virtual curriculums that can be leveraged anytime students are remote.

This last year was taxing, to say the least, but we were able to learn, adjust and overcome – and will continue to forge the path and keep education moving forward.

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