In Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, technology helps transform instructional practice

When Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools started looking to replace its aging hodgepodge of outdated equipment and non-standard platforms several years ago, they weren’t merely interested in technology for technology’s sake. Instead, […]

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teacher using an ActivPanel to teach in a hybrid learning model

Keeping it simple: Hope Christian School adopts a collaborative hybrid learning environment

As schools return to in-person learning, technology plays a vital role in shaping the modern classroom. By spending less time troubleshooting and more time for collaborative learning, Hope Christian School […]

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student raising hand in the classroom

What makes a supportive school post-pandemic?

After schools’ objectives were derailed by the disruption of lockdown, they’ve reviewed what’s most important about a student’s education. Is it nurturing their growth in a safe environment? Or securing […]

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What's Next in Education

What’s next: The future of education

Expedited by the pandemic, the next era of education has arrived. The future of education will be defined by flexible, personalized, student-centered learning, innovative education technologies, and a collective mission […]

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Innovative classroom

Ron Clark Academy helps lead the world’s edtech revolution

Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Southeast Atlanta is possibly the most famous middle school in America. Some people know RCA because of its high-profile donors—from Coca-Cola to Delta to Oprah […]

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EdTech News Roundup

Edtech news roundup – July 2021

Here are 3 of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects. 1. The School Year Comes to a Close The month of June raises a range of […]

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students raising hands engaging in the classroom

What is student engagement?

Student engagement is a commonly discussed concept which all educators agree is of vital importance. It’s a large part of the reason tools such as interactive whiteboards (also known as […]

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Promethean panel in a NVUSD Classroom

The Napa Valley community unites to bring innovative technology to its school

California was one of the hardest-hit states for much of the pandemic, dealing with more cases of COVID-19 and stricter lockdowns than many other parts of the country. And that […]

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Teacher and students interacting with other students on a screen

How to build classroom culture across modalities

Classroom Culture Matters Positive classroom culture is foundational to academic success and students’ social emotional learning (SEL); students thrive in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment. But fostering a classroom […]

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Infographic of the future of classroom design

Imagining new ways of designing classrooms with a core focus on student learning and engagement.

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students working on a interactive panel for the classroom

Types of summative & formative assessment

There are two ways of assessing students — formal summative assessment and informal formative assessment. Find out the benefits of both to students’ learning outcomes. “When the cook tastes the […]

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East Noble School Corporation Using the Promethean ActivPanel

How edtech helped an Indiana district continue interactive learning during COVID

As we approach the end of the 2020-2021 school year, resuming in-person learning during the pandemic remains a significant barrier for many district administrators. Whether it’s creating a safe learning […]

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kids gathered around table and working together

Are school subjects going away for good?

The skills that we need to equip students with are changing, along with the world around them. Emergent teaching methods may blend subjects together and are just as focused on […]

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Promethean Interactive Display

Edtech helps Northern Illinois University mimic face-to-face teaching

Senior faculty fellow, Pi-Sui Hsu, has dedicated her career to education with a focus on technology integration in science teaching and learning. Currently, as an associate professor at Northern Illinois […]

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student learning remotely using his laptop

Christ Episcopal School gives its students an optimal education—whether in person or remote

When Bob Krieger arrived at Christ Episcopal School (CES) in Covington, Louisiana, in 2017 as the new IT administrator, he found a school in desperate need of a technology overhaul. […]

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How to engage students in a hybrid learning class

While the recent changes within education have been rapid, it has not been easy for teachers to focus on student engagement, which remains a critical part of student success. Hybrid […]

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student engaging in the classroom by raising her hand

What is student engagement?

Defining student engagement Student engagement can be difficult to define. While the term has been widely used since gaining initial popularity in the 90s, definitions of student engagement vary. Some […]

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student on laptop

5 steps to digital citizenship

The purpose of technology is not simply about automating the teaching and learning process, but to inspire and empower every student. Part of this empowerment is knowing how to responsibly […]

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empty classroom due to remote learning capability during the pandemic

Forces that attract: How UC Berkeley chemistry professors made the transition to remote learning

Wake up. Log in. Cover the camera and mute the mic. For many first-year college students making the switch to online learning, it’s the new normal. And with a majority […]

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Student engaging in virtual field trip on his computer

Choose your adventure: virtual field trips, no permission slips required

The way of learning in the world is changing, that much is true. What is not changing however is the curiosity of our students, both in and out of the […]

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magnifying glass

Easy steps to do a virtual scavenger hunt

With the sudden move from traditional teaching to digital learning, teachers are in need of lessons and activities that will pique the interest of their students and require minimal prep […]

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6 ways for teachers to cope with change this year

So, you’ve been doing it for a while already, this distance learning thing. Months ago, “distance learning” wasn’t even a phrase in your vocabulary. Imagine hearing it in January: Is […]

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Secret to (teaching) success

It’s clear that teachers are ready to take on education technology, but do they have the resources they need to be successful? Listen to this podcast to get the latest […]

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Interactive displays: The go to blended learning tool

You’ve spent countless hours and enormous energy reimagining curriculum to accommodate mobile learning platforms. Your district has distributed 1:1 devices and resources at a rate unparalleled in your technology implementation […]

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