visual learner student working on school work on a tablet device

How does technology help visual learners?

Presenting information in a brand new way is one of the best things you can do for visual learners. When they see concepts illustrated with images and graphics, students will […]

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How can educators cater for future careers?

In addition to holistic student needs like wellbeing, whose importance has only been reinforced in recent years, educators are fundamentally responsible for preparing students for the world of work. They […]

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The role of the teacher in the future of education

Schools and teachers have always played an essential part in shaping our society, with direct input on the development of children as they grow into adults. With such significant influence […]

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What’s the future of edtech and education?

Although education is always responding to societal shifts, adapting to the impact on students’ needs as they progress towards the world of work, recent years have precipitated more change than […]

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young student holding up flashcards in the classroom

What do visual learners struggle with?

Visual learners have many strengths. They are often able to work independently at their desk and thrive with flashcards and videos. Visual learning is also a wonderful trait for artistic […]

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english literature book image

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate English Language Month

There’s no better time to get kids excited about reading and writing than in April, also known as English Language Month. Celebrate English Language Month with fun activities that get […]

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What's Next: The Future of Education

Modern Learning Guide

  In our “What’s Next: The Future of Education” Modern Learning Guide, explore modern learning practices that are designed to support student collaboration and social-emotional learning in the classroom. As […]

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Students using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

What is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a new form of communication that makes it easy for anyone to tell their stories in an appealing, interactive way. This technique has been used by educators […]

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Alt: Woman teaching a young girl digitally

National Women’s History Month resources

National Women’s History Month is a time to recognize the achievements of women and girls in America. Women’s History Month has been observed every March since 1987, though it began […]

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Multi cultural society mural.

Black History Month resources for your interactive display

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and integral societal contributions made by African Americans .  This year, we want to help you commemorate this important […]

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Students raising hands

A momentous year in education

2021 has been a momentous and consistently evolving year in education. We’ve covered a wide variety of themes this year on our blog to help enhance our audience’s expertise and […]

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Girl crying over cyberbullying

How to prevent bullying in a collaborative online space

Bullying is a form of abuse that can be emotional, physical, or verbal. It can also occur online as cyberbullying.   Cyberbullying includes nonverbal harassment which could include text messaging, instant […]

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Professor assisting student using digital tablet in class

Addressing Learning Loss in Higher Education

Potential learning loss from this past school year has been at the center of discussion around schools, with concern expressed around students entering into higher education as well as for […]

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students doing a math problem on a math learning app on an interactive whiteboard

5 best math apps for interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards, also called interactive displays,  are one of the best tools a teacher can use to engage their class. With this digital assistant, you’ll be able to bring your […]

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teacher using a tablet in the classroom with students

Accelerating K-12 learning recovery

As highlighted in our last learning loss blog post, research shows that on average, K-12 students lost up to four months of mathematics and an additional four months of reading […]

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speaker talking to audience

3 strategic considerations for school leaders

School strategy setting is a complex task for school leaders. It requires balancing a fundamental set of school needs — baseline attainment, budgets, stakeholders, and government policies — with the […]

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remote collaboration with an interactive display in a hybrid learning classroom

Classroom remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards

You likely know that interactive whiteboards have a multitude of classroom uses. But did you know that most can be carried out remotely via a strong internet connection? Remote collaboration […]

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Young student in classroom

Understanding learning loss

Learning loss among students has become an increasingly important topic of conversation in today’s world. In this blog, we’ll dive into what learning loss is, why talking about it in […]

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teacher delivering hybrid learning lesson to students

Is hybrid learning still a strategic priority?

Hybrid learning has been hanging over education, shaping strategy and defining lesson delivery — so much so that educators wondered whether it’d subside. While schools largely feel more prepared for […]

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Promethean supports the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Italy.

Andrea Bocelli Foundation’s Digital Lab Project: a vocational center for youth implemented with Promethean Promethean supports the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in Italy having assisted the charitable organization’s Digital Lab Project […]

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In Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, technology helps transform instructional practice

When Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools started looking to replace its aging hodgepodge of outdated equipment and non-standard platforms several years ago, they weren’t merely interested in technology for technology’s sake. Instead, […]

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teacher using an ActivPanel to teach in a hybrid learning model

Keeping it simple: Hope Christian School adopts a collaborative hybrid learning environment

As schools return to in-person learning, technology plays a vital role in shaping the modern classroom. By spending less time troubleshooting and more time for collaborative learning, Hope Christian School […]

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student raising hand in the classroom

What makes a supportive school post-pandemic?

After schools’ objectives were derailed by the disruption of lockdown, they’ve reviewed what’s most important about a student’s education. Is it nurturing their growth in a safe environment? Or securing […]

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What's Next in Education

What’s next: The future of education

Expedited by the pandemic, the next era of education has arrived. The future of education will be defined by flexible, personalized, student-centered learning, innovative education technologies, and a collective mission […]

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