Talking tech: Keeping students and teachers engaged with upgraded edtech in Washoe County

Washoe County

Published: June 19th, 2023

“Yes!” was the collective agreement when one of Lincoln Park Elementary School’s fifth-grade teachers, Kaitlynn Snyder, asked her students if they were ready to tackle the day. A new interactive display sat in the front of their classroom, and it’s clear engagement was high.

“It really engages them in things we’ve been doing all year, but with a new medium,” Snyder said. “We’re able to share student media and play interactive games.”

After nearly two decades of using Promethean technology, updated software and hardware, new features, and ease of use made equipping each of Lincoln Park Elementary’s classrooms with the latest ActivPanel an easy choice.

“A touch screen, a brighter screen, it really allows these technology tools to be integrated to the fullest degree inside our classroom,” said Adam Searcy, Chief Operating Officer.

“If the teacher has a student’s attention, they can do magic things,”

Adam Searcy

continued Searcy. “Sometimes, these bright new shining objects, which are very powerful and very effective, also capture the student’s attention and enthusiasm, just for a moment. And that’s all it takes for a teacher to do what they do.”

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