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Published: January 17th, 2022

Here are three of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects from January 2022

  1. Personalized Learning is the Future of K-12 Education

Throughout the pandemic, new EdTech tools have been implemented within classrooms and have brought a variety of benefits to students and teachers. One of the tactics educators are leveraging is advanced personalized learning.

Personalized learning gives teachers and educators the opportunity to harness a student’s individual strengths, growth opportunities and learning styles to provide a tailored learning experience that targets students’ interests and skills. Through social learning management systems, self-assessment, and digital tools, educators are able to evaluate performance to meet objectives supported by lesson planning resources and online tools to manage individual learning paces. As students use educational platforms and applications to participate in lesson plans and daily learning, teachers have been able to analyze student data to understand learning habits.

With the insight provided from applications and platforms, teachers can provide optimal instruction to help students advance in their studies. Over time, these advancements can help students maximize their potential throughout their education.

  1. 2022’s Biggest Challenge: Omicron & Learning Loss

Since the start of the new year, a majority of students and teachers have suspended instruction for a day or more, and are back to virtual learning due to the contagious Omicron variant. As the variant takes hold and as students once again attend school from their homes, learning loss could continue at a rapid rate.

While educational leaders are trying to figure out a manageable way to provide education and keep students and faculty safe, teachers at some schools are reporting that they have lost up to four weeks of instructional time. To make up for this lost time, educators, parents and students need to focus on how to reverse the effects of learning loss. By utilizing key tools, such as selective EdTech implementation and focusing on fundamental learning lessons, educators can prioritize essential topics that will propel students academically.

Together, educators, parents and students can utilize these key tools to continue to push through the ever-changing learning environment, and work to find optimal learning practices to make up for lost time.

  1. Protecting Online Education: How to Prepare for Potential Cyberbullying

As students return to online learning due to the pandemic and spend more time on applications, there is a growing risk for cyberbullying. Until schools return to in-person learning, where cyberbullying has been seen to decrease, it is important for educators and parents to have the tools and resources needed to combat cyberbullying and to provide safe, supportive learning environments for students.

One of the many ways teachers can do so is by investing in social-emotional learning programs (SEL), and by communicating with their students more frequently. SEL programs have been proven to effectively manage students’ stress and anxiety, whereas increased conversations can help students feel comfortable with speaking up about their feelings.

While 83 percent of educators agree that technology is a highly effective way to engage students, it is crucial for educators to also recognize the increased ways that cyberbullying can take place. Being prepared with solutions can minimize risk and foster nurturing learning environments.

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