visual learner student working on school work on a tablet device

How does technology help visual learners?

Presenting information in a brand new way is one of the best things you can do for visual learners. When they see concepts illustrated with images and graphics, students will […]

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young student holding up flashcards in the classroom

What do visual learners struggle with?

Visual learners have many strengths. They are often able to work independently at their desk and thrive with flashcards and videos. Visual learning is also a wonderful trait for artistic […]

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reading and writing learning style tips

Reading and writing learning style: Tips for teachers and technology in the classroom

Reading and writing learners naturally learn best by taking notes, choosing printed books over audiobooks, and prefer using closed captions while watching videos. It’s easy to overlook students who learn […]

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Education Technology News

Education news roundup – October 2022

1. How technology can aid interest and engagement during teacher shortages and high demand for substitutes    Teacher shortages, unfortunately still very prevalent across the country, have reached a universal peak […]

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technology for auditory leaners

How does technology help auditory learners?

Technology for auditory learners opens up new worlds and ways to interact with information.  Keep reading to discover the massive impact technology has on auditory learning and how you can […]

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what is auditory learning

What is auditory learning?

Students who retain information best by hearing or listening could be classified as auditory learners. In 1987, Neil Flemming coined the acronym VARK to describe the main ways people learn. […]

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What are the 4 learning styles

What are the 4 types of learning styles and what do they mean for a modern classroom?

Take a second to reflect on your students – do some children always have a book in their hand? Are others constantly humming or singing? Do other students doodle while […]

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upcoming school year

Back to School with Promethean: What to Expect in the 2022-2023 Year

It’s nearly impossible to predict what the upcoming school year will feel like, but reliable education technology can prepare you for anything. With Promethean, you can increase student engagement and […]

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national hispanic heritage month

5 Fun-Filled School Activities to Ring in Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to recognize the contributions and achievements of Hispanic and Latino Americans rooted in  Latin cultures. distinctive cultures they brought with them. The month runs […]

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7 reasons you’ll love the all-new ActivPanel

At Promethean, we lead the way in next-generation interactive displays for education, and our interactive display is at the forefront.   From the stress of exams and marking to managing a […]

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What’s behind the all-new ActivPanel?

After years of research and development, we’re delighted to announce the launch of ActivPanel 9, an interactive whiteboard that brings simplicity and innovation to the changing world of educational technology. […]

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Woman using an ActivPanel during class instruction

Partnership between technology and television delivers education in Puerto Rico

At the time COVID broke out, Puerto Rico was still recovering from Hurricane Maria, which had caused significant damage three years before. Communication infrastructure wasn’t fully restored across the island, […]

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Kids drawing on a ActivPanel

Canadian school district chooses Promethean to usher in a new era of learning

The Avon Maitland District School Board, located on the border of Lake Huron in southwestern Ontario, Canada, prides itself on delivering a first-class education to its 15,100 students. With its […]

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A Social-Emotional Learning Strategy

Contents: What is social-emotional learning? Differentiated learning for self-awareness and mindfulness Social awareness and emotional intelligence Reflective learning Collaboration and classroom community The benefits of social-emotional learning Schools have typically […]

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Learning Fatigue Explained

Learning fatigue and student engagement came to the forefront during remote learning, when students were thrown into a learning experience outside their usual classroom environment.   Ensuring students are stimulated and […]

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Social-Emotional Learning in a Digital World 

Educators find themselves in what might seem like a paradox. The digital world is expanding, with edtech continuing to be a vital aspect of teaching and learning. But the top […]

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Top Apps for Social-Emotional Learning 

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has become one of schools’ top priorities. In an increasingly digital world, educators are turning to edtech to achieve this goal. Interactive displays like the ActivPanel, for […]

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teacher attending a virtual professional development seminar

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Make the most of your summer with Promethean At Promethean, it’s our mission to support teachers, giving them the tools to inspire students and be the best educators they can […]

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english literature book image

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate English Language Month

There’s no better time to get kids excited about reading and writing than in April, also known as English Language Month. Celebrate English Language Month with fun activities that get […]

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virtual learning classroom with students at home and teacher in a Zoom session

4 tips for virtual learning

Technology continues to shape the way we live and learn. With so many online courses and resources available, there’s no better time to get students excited about learning. At Promethean, […]

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What's Next: The Future of Education

Modern Learning Guide

In our “What’s Next: The Future of Education” Modern Learning Guide, explore modern learning practices that are designed to support student collaboration and social-emotional learning in the classroom. As we […]

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Students using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

What is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a new form of communication that makes it easy for anyone to tell their stories in an appealing, interactive way. This technique has been used by educators […]

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Alt: Woman teaching a young girl digitally

National Women’s History Month resources

National Women’s History Month is a time to recognize the achievements of women and girls in America. Women’s History Month has been observed every March since 1987, though it began […]

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Student learning social studies with online apps

5 best social studies apps for interactive whiteboards

Social studies should take students around the world. With the help of interactive displays, now they can! Interactive whiteboards are one of the best tools teachers can use to engage […]

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