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The Future of Classroom Design

Next Generation Classroom Design  While learning is increasingly digital, the physical classroom is as important as ever. Studies have shown that classroom […]

Case Study
Advanced Technologies Academy using Promethean

Untethered Teaching: How Technology Increases Participation

What began as an experiment in flexible seating in 2018 blossomed into an untethered, student-centered environment that’s taken hold in Advanced Technologies […]


How will you Prepare for Back to School?

What will school look like when teachers go back to the classroom?  When will it happen?  The fall?  The winter? Stating that […]


Edtech Enables Teaching and Learning to Continue for the K-12 Nation

Learning has gone 100% mobile and education technology is at least helping to normalize learning when traditional classroom interactions just aren’t possible.


How interactive flat panels untether teachers and enable more flexible learning

Today, technology like interactive flat panels (IFPs) untether teachers from the front of the room – allowing them to move freely about while seamlessly delivering a lesson.

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