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edtech | guide

Your Guide to Finding Interactive Displays for the Classroom

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Edtech | Guide

How are Schools Maximizing the Potential of their EdTech?

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edtech | Guide

5 Steps to Tech Implementation Success from Schools

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Promethean | Report

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Hear what schools and districts are saying across the U.S. about how they’re prioritizing and maximizing edtech.


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Distance Learning

Edtech enables teaching and learning to continue for the K-12 Nation

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STEM Education

How to use interactive displays for
STEM learning

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Untethered Teaching

Can your display do that? Select edtech that allows teachers to teach freely

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Promethean | Case Studies

Explore Schools Succeeding with Promethean

By maximizing the potential of their edtech investment

Palmdale School District

The partnership with Promethean has helped the Palmdale School District level the technology playing field across its district. Their annual district technology survey showed student engagement has increased an average of 22% districtwide with a few sites reporting a more than 40% increase.

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Aldine Independent School District

Aldine Independent School District partnered with Promethean to create a technology and professional development plan to ensure that their teachers effectively integrate the new classroom technology into their curriculum to maximize its use.

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Spartanburg School District Seven

Spartanburg School District Seven implemented a digital conversion program that provided equitable access to technology tools through a dynamic 1:1 and interactive display program. The district has seen a noticeable difference in their classrooms with more collaboration, sharing, and student-led learning.

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What does the “new normal” mean for education?

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