How to incorporate STEAM technology in the classroom

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Published: August 9th, 2023

As technology becomes more complex, modern classrooms may lack the technological integration needed to effectively teach STEAM-based subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

How can teachers adapt to these growing challenges? What can teachers do to ensure their students are learning in the most effective way possible?

The first step is for educators to remove barriers that potentially impede student success. Regarding STEAM, this can be done through technologies such as integrative educational apps and interactive display panels. 

Continue reading to discover the many advantages of incorporating STEAM technology in the classroom. For more tips and ideas, check out our helpful guide for designing a STEAM classroom.

3 ways to encourage STEAM learning

Breaking down the barriers to academic success requires patience, care, and creative thinking. Educators do not have to clean out their classroom budget for STEAM learning – especially when there are countless low-cost applications and free online content ready to use.

Math is a crucial component of any STEAM-focused curriculum, but the fact remains – some students simply aren’t attracted to numbers and experiments. How can teachers encourage critical thinking, independent reasoning, and scientific curiosity among students who would rather read or draw?

One way is through apps that help students engage in STEAM subjects rather than being passive participants. Apps such as Khan Academy, Marble Math Multiplication, and Moose Math are all compatible with Promethean’s ActivPanel and are intuitive for both students and educators. These math apps turn learning into engaging, exciting endeavors for students, even those who dread math and science class.

But elementary and middle-school students aren’t the only ones benefiting from hands-on collaborative teaching apps. More tool-based applications, such as the Desmos Graphing Calculator and GeoGebra Classic are well-suited for advanced STEAM courses in high school and college.

Virtual experimentation

Furthermore, the ActivPanel is helpful as a hub for visual experimentation, as the panel can act as an alternative for expensive lab setups. These panels contain state-of-the-art infrared touchscreen technology that gives educators a consistent, reliable way to conduct experiments, minus the clean-up or hassle of a traditional experiment.

For instance, students can go to websites like Google Earth to visually explore different parts of the world, which educators can easily integrate into STEAM-related lessons in geography, geology, engineering, and more.

Virtual experimentation can also be utilized using the Promethean Annotate app. Teachers can open the app alongside educational websites like Experiments with Google. Here, students can capture screenshots of landscapes, buildings, and objects, then draw the angles of the objects and measure them using built-in math tools. 


Collaboration is fundamental in any subject, but it’s especially important in STEAM where change is constant and new discoveries are made daily. Sharing ideas is crucial for developing critical thinking and boosting confidence, but how do you get students to explore a topic together if they’re extremely shy, prone to distraction, or disinterested in the subject?

One way is to switch up traditional modes of collaboration and try out an immersive learning experience. Software like ActivInspire allows students to see their lessons come to life, making it more likely that students will remember the lesson material and be able to apply it in and outside of the classroom.

Using the Annotation tool, students can mark up their math worksheets or lab instructions, which helps the information sink in more than it would by just looking at it.

Teachers can dive into the shared resource pack and discover new ways to make lessons more hands-on and creative. Teachers can also create PDF flip charts that students can easily share with one another, allowing for open communication and facilitating all kinds of STEAM lessons, from the water cycle to robotics.  

And for the numbers-averse students who need a little something extra to get them through math class, there’s the interactive dice, ruler, compass, protractor, and calculator. With a few easy-to-use tools, you can transform traditionally dull concepts into understandable, applicable lessons that students will remember – and enjoy.

Promethean expands learning in STEAM-focused environments

Promethean interactive display panels are the one-size-fits-all multi-tool for this generation’s leading educators.

Teachers prefer Promethean products over our competitors because the intuitive software lets them take charge of how they create and teach their lessons. With a comprehensive suite of interactive products and essential apps, it is easy to see why Promethean has been the leading force in driving technology for STEAM education for over a decade.

Let’s dive into the remarkable ways these panels can positively impact our lives and transform the way we engage with STEAM.

Device synchronization

In the current digital landscape, keeping every device secured and synced is more important than ever. Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 delivers a next-generation experience to educators by providing the tools they need for success. Using ActivSync technology, the ActivPanel can assist with this by integrating your devices to provide access to all your data and lesson plans in a convenient manner.

Promethean Screen Share

A crucial tool these devices utilize is the Promethean Screen Share, which is an effective way for educators and students to remotely share content to the ActivPanel. Educators can use this tool with their mobile devices to display worksheets, graphics, and additional instructional aids on the ActivPanel. This is a great way to untether educators from their desks and showcase classwork for discussions.

Additionally, students can use Screen Share to share their STEAM projects and experiments with the class, further expanding student collaboration and constructive feedback from educators.

Seamless integration in all five STEAM disciplines

From enhancing productivity and fostering innovation to improving overall student-teacher well-being, interactive display panels offer a wealth of advantages that are beneficial to STEAM-focused learning.

When it comes to interactive STEAM technology, few do it better than Promethean. Find out why thousands of teachers across the country are switching to interactive display panels and digital learning platforms

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