How ActivPanel 9 Pro benefits the construction, architecture and design industries

ActivPanel 9 Pro

Published: December 14th, 2023

In the modern business environment, understanding the needs of your workforce while effectively articulating your expectations is crucial. At Promethean, we deeply understand operational intricacies, especially those within the construction, architecture, and design industries. 

Our ActivPanel 9 Pro is a testament to our commitment to providing unrivaled opportunities for building and delivering powerful presentations to clients and your team members. With seamless collaboration, screen sharing, and annotation tools, empowered by the panel’s extensive 4K HD display, communication has never been more engaging.

Architecture, engineering, construction and design

In a world where millions of dollars are spent designing and constructing buildings to withstand the test of time, industry leaders must have access to the very best tech available. 

Architects and engineers can benefit from the ActivPanel 9 Pro by immersing their clients in the most intricate designs, while seamlessly notating any feedback. You can project your design or blueprints from your laptop onto the display using your preferred design software. Architects can now manipulate 3D models of their designs using the panel’s high-quality, responsive touch functionality. 

Why invest in an ActivPanel 9 Pro?

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, it may be difficult to justify investments in a specific tech product amidst numerous alternatives. However, insightful industry leaders understand the significance of optimizing resources in a digital transformation journey.

Amidst this evolving landscape, Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro is a crucial asset. This investment will yield extraordinary returns. It offers solutions to boost productivity, foster collaboration, and optimize the efficiency of hybrid work arrangements, all while remaining affordable – a pivotal factor impacting the bottom line. 

Seamlessly integrative

Every workplace has its unique approach to procuring, implementing, and customizing hardware and software solutions over time. Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro is crafted to connect flawlessly with your existing software and hardware infrastructure. 

Whether you utilize the Autodesk suite, Bluebeam, or any software in between, sharing your existing software with the ActivPanel is straightforward and convenient, eliminating the necessity for extensive tutorials or mastering new software interfaces. The panel’s expansive display screen redefines the viewing experience for clients, providing an unprecedented way to view 3D models. Clients will be astonished by their newfound ability to visualize the end result or finished product.

The ActivPanel 9 Pro perfectly blends your existing hardware and elevates presentations through its video conferencing capabilities. This allows presenters to engage while participants collaborate in real time, making it the perfect addition to your boardroom or conference space. Additionally, ActivPanel 9 Pro integrates with popular UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Conference room

Businesses can craft compelling and impactful presentations using the ActivPanel 9 Pro, guaranteeing consistent training delivery and messaging to all employees dynamically and engagingly. Gone are employees gathering around a single laptop or passively viewing static presentations projected onto a screen. Instead, employees will witness their ideas spring to life on a vibrant, captivating display.

With Promethean’s complimentary Panel Management, Corporate IT can easily oversee all the Promethean panels deployed across their organization, including the panel’s current status and the ability to push firmware and security updates out with a single click.

architect or engineer making a large client presentation in a conference room.

Presenting to a client

Utilizing the ActivPanel 9 Pro’s immersive crystal-clear display and high-caliber audio, business professionals can create stunning presentations for clients, ultimately sealing the deal. This industry-leading touch experience allows employees to connect with clients directly, annotating their needs in real-time.

Presentations can originate from the office or home, facilitating easy connectivity with any on-site device. For in-office setups, employees can harness the comprehensive panel tools of the ActivPanel 9 Pro to refine and enrich their presentations and sales pitches. Achieving the delivery of high-quality, interactive presentations to clients worldwide is within reach with Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro. 

Enhanced user experience included

Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 Pro is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to lock down the panel for your desired experience with pre-configured modes of operation. These can be enabled with one tap at the point of install, ensuring users have access to only what has been defined by IT for the shared space. With compatibility across multiple operating systems, it offers both convenience and security for your entire workforce. 

The ActivPanel 9 Pro offers various customizable functions to enrich the user experience. Each panel includes a Logitech wireless keyboard featuring a built-in  trackpad and multimedia controls, four passive pens, and one ActivPen. The ActivPen boasts numerous functions, including a virtual laser pointer, slide advancer, spotlight, and magnifier tool, enabling pressure sensitive annotation, erasing, and customization of buttons.

The industry-leading interactive display provides essential apps for annotation, screen capture, and screen sharing. Another remarkable feature is the panel’s full support for Microsoft Inking, enabling a first class experience with Microsoft Whiteboard. Enjoy the ability to automatically save your brainstorming sessions and collaborate with your colleagues on Office365. It ensures vital notes are preserved and shared across the entire team, preventing any loss of important information. With exceptional responsiveness, users can expect a highly enjoyable experience that increases productivity and fosters a positive workplace culture.


Industry leaders understand that technology in the workplace evolves rapidly. However, interactive flat panels require significantly fewer post-purchase expenses and demand less ongoing maintenance from the IT department.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, minimal training is required for employees. Furthermore, the panel functions in collaboration with existing infrastructure due to its plug-and-play design, ensuring a harmonious blend with your existing IT stack. 

Contact Promethean today for detailed pricing information. 

ActivPanel 9 Pro is the key to a more efficient workplace

For construction, engineering and design businesses, the ActivPanel 9 Pro is a must-have product.  Share large visualizations of 3D models with your current software,  engage in dynamic presentations, collaborate in real-time, and share pertinent information with colleagues and customers. Reach out today to get more information, detailed pricing, resources, training and more.

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