Upgrade your office without breaking the bank

Upgrade your office without breaking the bank

Published: March 21st, 2023

As companies adapt to the new ways we collaborate and do business, office modernization will play a pivotal role in supporting the ongoing evolution of work. Workplace technology and devices are proving to be central to modernization initiatives, but finding solutions that deliver both lasting impact and value can be a challenge.  

How can businesses make big, meaningful upgrades while keeping within budget? 

Designed specifically for the modern workplace, the Promethean ActivPanel 9 Pro offers an innovative and affordable solution that is quickly becoming a fixture in the office technology ecosystems of small and large companies alike. Discover how this interactive smart panel has the power to transform your office, increase productivity, and help your company unlock the benefits of workplace modernization—without breaking the bank. 

Get the most bang for your buck 

For companies looking to take a big leap forward in their office modernization efforts with just a single purchase, the ActivPanel offers a transformative, all-in-one solution. 

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, in-person collaboration has emerged as a core function of the modern office. Investments in office technology that support in-person teamwork are poised to deliver the greatest impact, which is why we designed the ActivPanel with collaboration in mind. 

The panel makes conference rooms and huddle spaces come alive. Presentations shine with crystal-clear visuals and outstanding audio. And the panel’s advanced touch screen and digital whiteboard capabilities launch group brainstorming to the next level. Teams can wirelessly screen share from any device and save their work to the cloud easily. It’s the friction-free experience today’s work demands. And offered at a competitive price, the ActivPanel is the ultimate in-office collaboration multi-tool. 

The accessories you need—at no extra cost 

The Promethean ActivPanel 9 Pro is bundled with accessories that maximize the device’s full power and functionality. 

The ActivPanel 9 Pro is the only interactive panel that provides both passive and active pens that help users interact with the device. The ActivPen allows you to control the panel from anywhere within the room and is equipped with a wireless charging base, a virtual magnifying tool, and a laser pointer. Want to engage with or write on your screen directly? The panel also comes with four passive pens that don’t require a battery and are inexpensive to replace when lost.  

The panel also comes with a Logitech smart keyboard with a built-in trackpad, full-mouse control, and multimedia control. The keyboard also enables users to enter passwords discreetly ensuring that private information stays safe. Additionally, each panel is available with a capture card, which allows for seamless content sharing between the panel and devices through a hardwired connection.  

Modernizing your office is stress-free and affordable with Promethean’s all-inclusive technology package. 

Seamless integration 

Stay cost-conscious by investing in technology that works well with the office technology ecosystem you already have in place.  

The ActivPanel offers easy connectivity with any device. And it’s designed to work with the hardware and software you already have so you don’t need to spend time and resources adapting unfamiliar platforms. From Miro to Mural, all your favorite apps are supported by the ActivPanel. 

And with its exceptional compatibility, you can count on the panel to work with new tech your company plans to adopt as modernization continues. 

Technology that lasts 

Businesses can confidently invest in the ActivPanel with the knowledge that the panel will last for years to come.  

Promethean’s smart panel hardware is made from high-quality, durable, long-lasting materials. Ongoing software maintenance is made simple with Promethean Panel Management, which makes it easy to deploy software updates from anywhere and is included at no extra charge. 

We also offer a unique, best-in-class warranty that allows for fixes and replacements at any time within a five-year window of time with no upcharge. With ongoing support and solutions that are built to last, Promethean is committed to being a long-term partner in your modernization journey. 

Speak with a Promethean expert about  how you can modernize your office without breaking the bank with the all-new ActivPanel 9 Pro 

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