5 ways to boost employee retention with technology

ActivPanel 9 Pro

Published: April 4th, 2023

The pandemic era has seen a remarkable uptick in employee turnover. The U.S.  Department of Labor recently reported that 4.5 million workers called it quits in November 2021, marking the highest number of voluntary departures on record. And at the start of 2023, turnover numbers remain high. 

To mitigate these challenges, employers are doubling down on retention efforts. Increasingly, companies are turning to technology solutions as they explore new ways to support staff. 

Designed to optimize the employee experience, the Promethean ActivPanel 9 Pro offers employers a powerful new way to keep employees engaged. Learn how the ActivPanel  supports key facets of employee satisfaction to boost teamwork, productivity, and retention. 

1. Teamwork 

Good teamwork has the power to help teams move through projects faster, achieve success, and help individuals see themselves as key players rather than cogs in a machine.  

Invest in tools that allow all employees to contribute to the conversation. The ActivPanel 9 Pro supports a variety of collaborative tools that accommodate individuals’ different work styles, such as 3D interactive mapping, CAD modeling, Miro, Mural, and any whiteboard application. When your employees see the value in everyone’s contributions, they can create productive work relationships that they’ll want to stick around for.  

2. Give them the tools they need   

 When you provide employees with tools that help them in important areas of their work, they’ll feel supported.  

For example,  turn to the ActivPanel 9 Pro, an all-in-one presentation tool that helps your employees shine. Crystal clear visuals, audio, and best-in-class touchscreen technology help employees present eye-catching slide decks. The panel also comes with an ActivPen that allows them to walk around the room and engage with their audience while still being able to advance their slides. 

3. Reduce technostress 

As the workplace increasingly becomes dependent on technology, some may find it hard to keep up. You can improve tech fatigue by providing employees with user-friendly tools that integrate seamlessly into their workflows.   

The ActivPanel 9 Pro is easy for your business to adopt and employees to use. It comes with one-touch access to the web and cloud, a Windows operating system that they’re familiar with, and seamless connectivity with their devices. In addition, you and your employees are supported with customer service, panel management, training, and a five-year warranty that ensures that the technology grows with you in the long term.  

4. Equip hybrid teams 

According to a recent survey by Fivver, around 42% of workers say they’d consider quitting if forced to come back to the office full time. As some plan to work in the office and some at home, accommodating a hybrid workforce ensures that your company can face the challenges of an evolving workforce.  

The ActivPanel 9 Pro allows team members who are in the office and at home to communicate and work together seamlessly. The panel offers high-quality video calls, as well as easy document sharing and built-in wireless screen sharing that help connect your teammates and create an equitable work experience for all.  

5. Offer professional development 

Upskilling your employees is crucial to their sense of professional fulfillment. They’ll feel empowered and cared for, knowing that you’re investing time and resources in their growth. In addition, strong professional development programs make you stand out to new hires and help your current staff see the long-term benefits of growing with your company.  

Make employee training modules and professional development courses interactive and engaging with the ActivPanel 9 Pro. It allows you to deliver content using screen share and mark up focus points using the touch screen. When an employee can’t make it to a training session, you can record your courses for them to review later.  

When employers engage in practices that support employee satisfaction, it helps them believe in your company’s long-term mission and goals. The ActivPanel 9 Pro is an indispensable tool that supports productivity, collaboration, and professional growth, positively impacting your employees’ desire to stick around in the long run.  

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