Classroom remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards

remote collaboration with an interactive display in a hybrid learning classroom

Published: November 2nd, 2021

You likely know that interactive whiteboards have a multitude of classroom uses. But did you know that most can be carried out remotely via a strong internet connection?

Remote collaboration allows students with access to an interactive whiteboard to engage in collaborative lessons from home, whether they are out sick or stuck at home due to inclement weather. 

Remote collaboration also has the added benefit of allowing teachers to review lesson content before students arrive at school. This way, class time can be used more effectively to cover new information, rather than frequently rehashing the same material.

Real-Time Sharing

Today, schools may be closed for a variety of reasons, including weather or illness. With our ActivInspire Lesson Delivery Software and an internet connection, your classroom doesn’t have to shut down. Teachers can share lessons in real-time remotely with students, both in class and at home. 

Device mirroring improves explanation and provides quality samples of work. Children are able to watch from their home instead of relying on a book or impersonal recorded audio. Students can ask clarifying questions on the spot, so there’s no confusion about expectations or assignments. 

Easy Third-Party Integration

Interactive displays make remote classroom collaboration possible! When using the Google Classroom with Promethean interactive displays you can deploy a wide variety of gaming apps, lesson delivery software, and much more. Whether you need to share a document, a set of slides, or a spreadsheet for your statistics class, our interactive display works hard for teachers so their jobs are easier in the long run. 

 When using your ActivPanel Titanium interactive display with Google Classroom, students can submit work directly into their digital portfolios. Teachers can also gather student feedback and send notifications via the app. Remote collaboration is the wave of the future, so start having your students prepare for tomorrow today with interactive whiteboards and Promethean. 

Infinite Whiteboard Space 

The most annoying thing about physical whiteboards is the routine information that needs to be left up. Dates, homework, behavior trackers, and more are taking up valuable space. Classroom remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards solves this problem by giving you an unlimited amount of space to expand on. 

Need another example? Need to leave up homework that’s due? Want to draw an octopus to explain a complicated idea? You can do all of those things on the same whiteboard. 

This also helps show the gradual flow of your classroom by keeping track of what you’re talking about, what you’re working on, and the speed at which your students are grasping a concept. If there were a ton of requests on a certain type of math equation, that may let you know to make a supplementary worksheet to ensure it sticks. 


Holding a staff meeting but want to avoid the hassle of reserving a room and driving to school? Teacher staffing planning using remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards will make your life easier. Have all teachers collaborate on ideas for future events such as school dances, science fairs, and fundraisers all in a trackable whiteboard space. Brainstorming this way is easy and quick and you don’t have to get ready or drive anywhere.

Sorting out teacher lessons is also useful when you can make multiple plans side-by-side on your digital whiteboard. Remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards makes this process easier because you can view and compare lesson plans. Setting up meetings remotely is also easier thanks to scheduling on the board that can be documented and shared with others.

Remote meetings are less time-consuming and more accessible for multi-tasking teachers who may have a lot of lesson planning across multiple classrooms. Remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards saves you hours while providing flexible options for working remotely.

Remote Students Coming Together 

One of the most amazing parts about classroom remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards is that it creates a way for all students to be a part of the same lesson. The board works anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, so even students who normally sit in the furthest corner in class have equal access to everything going on during your lessons.

Remote collaboration with interactive whiteboards bridges the gap between home and school while providing equal access to all students. 

Remote collaboration also has a positive impact on student motivation because they feel more included in class. Remote work can increase student satisfaction, improve dropout rates, and much more.

With remote collaboration, you can pull in virtually any type of device. The Promethean app works on Apple and Android devices as well as Windows and Mac computers. 

Interested in learning more?

Check out the Promethean Guide to a Hybrid Classroom for more tips on increasing collaboration in your school.  

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