Back to School with Promethean: What to Expect in the 2022-2023 Year

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Published: September 23rd, 2022

It’s nearly impossible to predict what the upcoming school year will feel like, but reliable education technology can prepare you for anything. With Promethean, you can increase student engagement and instruct in ways that grab everyone’s attention.

 Read on to learn how Promethean is committed to helping educators and students this school year. 

Learning Equality

Including all students in learning, no matter what obstacles they face, is something technology does best. The ActivPanel interactive display is visual, auditory, and kinetic all at the same time. 

With this interactive display, you don’t have to worry about how to make the lesson accessible to everyone. The ActivPanel involves all of your students simultaneously by engaging their senses. 

As they see images, hear the lessons, or manipulate images on the board, they are actively participating in their own learning. 

This school year, you’ll be able to provide 4K resolution images for students with vision deficits. The polling feature in ActivInspire allows shy or socially anxious students to participate in lessons.  

For students who struggle with hearing issues, the ActivSound Bar delivers 90 decibels of sound to create a crystal clear sound environment suitable for any classroom, regardless of size. 

Imagine the freedom of using your interactive display without having to be stuck behind a desk or laptop.

Innovations in Classroom Technology

Staying on the cusp of technological innovations is the best way to teach young learners, especially in this ever-changing educational landscape. We’re thrilled to introduce our newest edtech offerings, the ActivPanel 9 and the Merlyn AI digital assistant.


Our newest and most intuitive product, the ActivPanel 9 is built with teachers and IT professionals in mind. Products are currently available in the United States and Germany and will launch in other countries this fall. 

upcoming school year technology

In addition to larger screen size, the ActivPanel 9 has more advanced technology designed to help educators focus on teaching, rather than learning new technology. Through ActivSync, the smart panel effortlessly connects to your devices without having to spend precious minutes setting up every single time.

There are also more touchpoints for writing directly on the panel. This provides the opportunity for multiple students to utilize the board at a time, even using both hands!

IT professionals will appreciate the extra layer of security that is included in AP9. There are multiple sign-in options, and you can even sign out remotely when necessary. We also offer Radix Panel Management that allows IT directors and staff to access all panels in a district or school remotely for security, pushing updates, and more.

Merlyn AI Digital Assistant

The upcoming school year is also bringing more freedom to teachers through the Merlyn AI digital assistant.

This voice-activated AI device will allow teachers to effortlessly move around the classroom, helping students learn while controlling lessons on the screen with just the sound of their voice. 

Merlyn responds to both voice and remote control and opens up the classroom for teachers to interact with students in more meaningful ways. Click here to learn more about our partnership with Merlyn AI.

Greatest Challenges Teachers Face in the Classroom

Lack of focus and participation from students is one of the biggest challenges teachers face. That’s where immersive edtech comes in. 

Interactive displays engage students via sight, sound, and touch. They stay interested in the lessons because they can engage with them directly.

Forget about fighting the draw of electronic devices – the ActivPanel is so fun to use that students want to get out of their seats and participate. The 4K resolution picture quality on the interactive display also makes educational videos much more appealing. 

Easing the Gap in Access to Classroom Technology

At Promethean, we believe all students in all school districts deserve access to educational technology. That’s why we set up the Experience the ActivPanel program.  This program provides access to your first panel at a 50% discount. 

Our mission is to get technology into the hands of educators that need it most. We give to schools in need through grants of panels, software, and accessories. 

We also provide free in-person and virtual training to educators. We believe they should focus on doing what they do best – teaching. With our support, they can master the display and software so they’re prepared for the school year ahead. 

Education Is Greener Than Ever

Education technology should nurture the earth, not damage it further. That’s why we’re proud of achieving carbon neutrality in 2019 and 2020. 

Our environmental focus is a global approach here at  Promethean. We have multiple projects around the world, like the one in Indonesia that reduced emissions by preserving the tropical peat swamp forest in 2020. We have also implemented responsible recycling programs (WEEE) in The United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States. 

Finally, we improved transportation emission efficiency by 61% from 2019 to 2020. Our company has also reduced packaging materials, which is better for the planet and also increases transportation efficiency.

Returning to School Is Exciting With Promethean!

Are you ready to have the best school year yet? Contact Promethean to elevate your classroom’s participation and make it easier to focus on teaching, not technology.

When you install and begin using our interactive display board, you’ll have more time to do what you do best – focus on helping your students learn. Answer their questions, get them involved, and make the lessons come alive with the best educational technology from Promethean.