Teacher Feature: Focusing on early intervention with student polling

Sarasota County School Teacher with Promethean ActivPanel

Published: August 3rd, 2020

Shannon Wynne is a 4th-grade teacher at Tatum Ridge Elementary School in Sarasota County Schools teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies. Recently, the district replaced Sarasota’s old projectors with new classroom technology that also included training from Promethean’s Professional Development team.

During Wynne’s professional development training, she learned to use ClassFlow, Promethean’s cloud-based lesson delivery software. “Student polling is one of my favorite features on ClassFlow,” shared Wynne. “Polling gets the whole class engaged.” Wynne also shared that the students love working with ClassFlow as well. “When kids are asking you to use ClassFlow, then you know that it’s a powerful tool.”

Wynne quickly learned that ClassFlow’s polling feature also allowed her to monitor students’ progress in grasping information. “We recently completed SSA (single subject acceleration) practice,” recalled Wynne. “ClassFlow’s multiple-choice poll helped track students’ comprehension of the concept I’m teaching. It also helped me identify students that struggled to grasp the concept, allowing me to provide more attention to those students.”

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