Built by teachers for teachers: New math resources at your fingertips

Promethean created 3700 flipchart resources for teachers to use in their ActivPanel lesson plans

Published: March 31st, 2022

EngageNY, a program of the New York State Education Department and a leader in web-based curricula, originally developed its Eureka Math Modules to help educators teach and students learn common core mathematics. While Eureka is based in New York, its modules have been used in districts and classrooms across the country.

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 and turned the world upside-down, teachers and students suddenly had to figure out how to teach and learn remotely. The demand for tools to help teachers segue lesson plans into the remote and hybrid environment was enormous and immediate.

Promethean education consultants, all former teachers who know the demands of the classroom, immediately stepped up to the challenge. Despite the challenges of working remotely due to the pandemic, over the next 20 months, the Promethean team committed to fast-tracking the creation of Promethean created materials and resources to complement the Eureka curriculum. As of December 2021, Promethean’s robust database touts more than 3,700 flipchart resources (e.g., activities and related materials) that are accessible to K-6 educators. Teachers can integrate any published flipcharts from the resource library into their ActivPanel lessons.

As teachers helping teachers, Promethean’s education consultants are thrilled to provide such an expansive selection of tools. Available exclusively on Promethean panels, all resources are free for teachers to download. With so many resource options, educators are just scratching the surface of what is available in the Promethean Resource Library. Still, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in this short time, with teachers taking time to give the flipcharts four- and five-star ratings as “great resources.”

If you’d like to utilize these resources for your lesson plans, you can access the entire resource library below.

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