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Why you should experiment with Project-based learning

The skills that we need to equip students with are changing, along with the world around them. So, teaching needs to evolve […]


5 ways to gamify your classroom and keep students motivated

Gamification is all about introducing elements of game design to non-game scenarios, such as the classroom. Applying the principles of game design […]


What does the future hold for Australian edtech?

More relevant than ever before, our State of Technology in Education Report 2021 revealed how educators in Australia used technology to support […]


Equitable internet access

Equitable internet access is currently a poignant issue in Australian education, and for good reason. Promethean’s State of Technology in Education Report […]

ActivPanel kids collaboration

How is technology being used in Australian classrooms?

With technology use in our daily lives on the rise, the classroom is no exception – as shown in responses to our […]


Important questions to ask before making your next edtech purchase

Education technology is becoming more and more embedded in our classrooms, and we recently explored whether schools’ edtech spend is truly reflective […]


Is remote learning truly effective?

In 2020 schools across the world experienced a hasty shift to remote learning. Teachers worked hard to maintain curriculum delivery despite these […]


How to conduct an edtech training audit

The State of Technology in Education Report 2021 recently revealed that just 2% of teachers believe that they are receiving full training […]


Is edtech really a priority for schools?

The role of technology in the classroom has grown significantly over the past few years, but it hasn’t always been clear where […]

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