Can I apply for more than one job at once?

Yes, we welcome you to apply to any roles you feel you’d be qualified for!

I don’t see any jobs I’m currently interested in… can I still apply to work at Promethean?

If you don’t see any positions you specifically want to apply for, feel free to submit your resume here to be considered for our future openings!

Do you have an employee referral program?

Yes, we encourage you to reach out to any former colleagues or friends that are currently employed at Promethean to share your information with the recruiting team as well as learn more about our company and the position. You may also list their name in your application if you choose to apply yourself through our career site.

Is there a dress code for my interviews?

We do not have a dress code – please feel free to wear what makes you comfortable!

How should I prepare prior to my interviews?

Feel free to research our mission, values, product, and marketplace. You can learn more about a few of these items on our About Us and News and events page. Please also view our page about virtual interviews.

How can I send thank you notes to the team?

You can reach out to your recruiting coordinator to provide you with the contact information of those you interviewed with.

How soon can I expect an update after I complete my interviews?

Once you have completed your interview loop, the interviewers will come together for a debrief to discuss your application. This can take place a few days after your last interview but can occur later depending on when other applicants complete their interview loops. During this time, we welcome you to provide your recruiter with any updates on your end. You should hear from your recruiter with some form of an update within two business days of your last interview.

How will I be assessed?

Most roles will typically have you meet with three to five individuals for up to an hour each to learn about you and your experience/skills. However, some roles may have other assessments, such as a sales presentation, a technical customer support representative roleplay, or an educational training presentation. Your recruiting contact will provide you with the information needed to prepare for these assessments prior to your interview.

Will I hear back from Promethean whether my application is moving forward?

While the timeline for results varies depending on the job, you will hear from us whether you’re moving forward in the process or if the job has been filled.

How will my personal information be handled in Promethean’s database?

Please view our data privacy statement for more information on how we are committed to protecting your personal information.

Where can I make an accessibility request?

Please contact [email protected] if you have an accessibility request at any point during the hiring process.