Roseville Community Schools excels in overcoming challenges faced during the pandemic

Educators standing by a interactive flat panel

Published: February 26th, 2021

Educating students during the pandemic has been a challenge for every district.  However, Roseville Community Schools (RCS) in Roseville, MI found themselves ready to take on remote, hybrid, and in-classroom learning no matter what was thrown their way last year.

Considered one of the most technologically advanced districts in the county, RCS was able to overcome the challenges that districts across the country faced. By implementing a 1:1 student device initiative throughout their schools, each student was able to have a laptop or iPad in their hands to supplement learning.  Each classroom was equipped with large Promethean boards, allowing teachers and students to experience interactive lessons, mirror devices, and serve as an internet-capable television.

With extensive use of technology, instructional coach support, and five-day-a-week instruction, they were able to continue learning and provide new opportunities for students. In a three-part video series, they share the ways they excelled in overcoming the challenges faced during the pandemic.

 Part 1: Technology

RCS started by reviewing the technology in place and some of the ways they are using it to enhance the curriculum.


Part 2: Instructional Coaches

Next, they examine their instructional coaches and how to utilize them to maximize the new technology and better educate students.

Part 3: 5 Day-a-Week Instruction

Lastly, the district provides students with teacher instruction 5 days a week for the entire school year.


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