East Ramapo CSD focuses on future-forward edtech integration

teacher using a Promethean ActivPanel to teach students

Published: October 14th, 2020

Across the district, many East Ramapo Central School District staff and its 9,000 students were experiencing software limitations on interactive whiteboards and projectors, stifling lesson interactivity. After receiving a recommendation from another district on Promethean’s ActivPanel®, East Ramapo decided that it was the future-forward edtech solution that they had been looking for.

Impressed by the ActivPanel’s simplified user interface and the company’s robust professional development courses, the district decided to invest in Promethean as their next edtech partnership.

“I wasn’t just buying a bunch of boards and putting them in the classrooms. I was looking for a turnkey solution and a partnership,” Azhar Ahmad, Network Technology Consultant at East Ramapo

To navigate a clear path toward effective tech integration and a successful partnership, the district focused on the importance of differentiated professional development. With each successive PD workshop, the district continues to build a strong coalition of lead teachers that regularly share ActivPanel’s most practical adaptations. The integration process was night and day for the district compared to previous experiences. By encouraging staff to fuse Promethean software with Google for Education™ applications, teachers have utilized ActivPanel to deepen student engagement and enrich instructional quality.

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Download the East Ramapo Central District customer story here.