US education technology news – July 2020

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Published: July 18th, 2020

Here are 3 of the latest U.S. education technology news stories from July 2020 covering remote learning, back to school, and teaching through COVID.

  1. Schools challenged to deliver more with less

School districts are facing a tough challenge, delivering a remote learning environment as budgets are shrinking for the year ahead. While ordinarily, technology would see a reduction during a recession, that isn’t really an option during COVID-19.

“If we did not have the technology, across the board — for classroom learning, district operations, staff connecting with each other — we wouldn’t really be able to do much of anything,” Susan Beltz, chief technology officer for the Oakland Unified School District, said.

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If your district is looking to utilize CARES funding for education technology, check out Promethean’s recent guide to identifying, implementing, and maximizing the right edtech solutions on The Learning Counsel.


  1. Teachers are adjusting to remote learning technology, and providers can help

Though the rush to online learning this year left many educators struggling to adapt, studies recently show that many teachers have found their ability to leverage education technology has seen much improvement, according to Forbes.

But as edtech providers continue to tailor their solutions for the remote learning environment, there are three key considerations to be made in order for those solutions to be better suited for adoption by teachers. They must “1) Save teachers time; 2) Extend the reach of teachers; 3) And deepen their understanding of their students.”

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Promethean’s 2019 State of Technology in Education Report found that 74% of teachers said that they are constantly striving to innovate by using technology as a tool for education. See how Promethean’s products helped a New York City school strengthen its curriculum with edtech here.


  1. Schools bring best online learning practices to back-to-school

After months of remote instruction and many schools planning to begin the fall semester online, Tech & Learning has compiled 12 best practices for online learning and key resources to keep students engaged and their achievement on track, including:

  • Establish norms
  • Create accessible content
  • Foster lively interaction
  • Teach digital literacy and citizenship
  • Rethink learning spaces

Read the full article here.

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