NYC Elementary School develops stronger curriculum with edtech

students working on a interactive flat panel

Published: August 3rd, 2020

“Schools need technology coaches and assistants more than ever before. If you don’t understand how to integrate it into a lesson, what’s the point in having it?”

It all started when Monique Paniagua became the principal of P.S. 101Q The School in the Gardens in January 2013. Paniagua knew it was time to upgrade the schools existing interactive boards and find an EdTech partnership that would help the district scaffold a robust curriculum in core areas such as literacy. After discovering Promethean and creating a partnership, the school installed 26 ActivPanels throughout its classrooms.

Some key wins for the school include:

Focusing on Curriculum

The school created a stronger literacy curriculum utilizing the technology by creating workshops that helped teachers craft pedagogical solutions that keep students engaged as readers. They are using ActivPanel to make the instruction very visible. The technology has made interactive learning a reality for multiple learning modalities.

Simplifying Classroom Management

Teachers have utilized the ActivPanel’s built-in tools, apps, and lesson delivery software to make teaching easier and more effective.  They use the Promethean Timer and Spinner apps to organize small groups during a read-aloud lesson and enhance lesson delivery on ActivPanel with Google Drive™ and video clips. With the Promethean Screen Share app, teachers can now mirror devices onto the panel to support different types of lessons from reading to STEM.

Creating an Interactive Learning Environment

By utilizing ClassFlow’s multiple polling features, it allows teachers to show a pre-assessment question that initiates an interactive discussion. After having students connect using the device of their choice, they use the polling to check student understanding of the lesson material.  In addition, P.S. 101Q earned trailblazer status with its recipient of the NYCDOE Excellence in School Technology Award by furthering its K-5 coding curriculum initiatives. By leveraging ActivPanel’s Android™ user interface, students have embraced gamification style learning to program, test, and design their own games.

Focusing on Professional Development

The leadership team has stressed the need for continued professional development to give P.S. 101Q staff added opportunities to grow their skills in a collaborative environment. Each PD session has fostered an interactive staff dialogue to refine classroom pedagogies by making implementation visible.

Promethean’s partnership with P.S. 101Q has remained strong for years – staff and administrators believe that each step of the integration process with ActivPanel will lead them closer to better outcomes in their classrooms.

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