The U.S. State of Technology in Education Report

2022: A year of adaptation: How edtech is helping navigate uncertainty and change

About the report

We gathered insights from more than 1,700 American teachers, administrators, and students to explore the role technology currently plays in today’s K-12 schools.

Social-emotional learning

It’s now a priority, but more action is needed


Most educators believe that technology is a good tool to support students’ social-emotional needs.

Staffing shortages

A challenge surmounted by edtech and leadership


Almost all educators see the benefit of using technology to ease their increased workload.

The future of education

Technology and digital fluency are key


Educators put interactive displays and online resources as the top technologies for the next few years.

The student experience

Happy at school, but hungry for tech


The vast majority of students say technology makes their lessons more interesting and enjoyable.