Here are three of the latest edtech news subjects from November 2021

edtech news roundup

Published: November 30th, 2021

1. Constant Collaboration – Teaching Students While Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person

With immense advancements and growth in edtech recently, teachers have been able to implement technology that promotes remote collaboration no matter what learning environment their students are in. Basic essentials like chalkboards and standard whiteboards have been revolutionized to digital boards that work to increase interactivity between students. With new high techs features like real-time sharing, third-party integration, and infinite space to work on, teachers are able to expand collaboration between students no matter where they are.

These education-focused tools and applications have provided synchronous instruction that has helped bridge the gap from in-person to remote learning. As COVID-19 restrictions have caused students with pre-existing health conditions and disabilities to continue to learn remotely, utilizing these edtech tools will expand the way education is formatted and further promote online collaboration.

2. A Helping Hand – School’s Utilize COVID-19 Relief Funds for Students and Teachers

School leaders across the country have been configuring their plans for investing the $122 billion of COVID-19 relief funds through the American Rescue Plan Act. Though federal money has previously been largely unregulated, under the American Rescue Plan Act, schools are required to set aside at least 20% of their funds to address learning loss.

As learning loss became a prominent issue during the transition back to in-person learning this year, educators are putting a focus on investing their funding in “evidence-based interventions” that will promote interactive learning, and help combat this lost time. Additionally, apart from their investments, educators are also utilizing internal strategies to help identify and combat learning loss. This includes connecting teachers to one another to discuss specific student skill gaps, gathering noteworthy data like attendance and assignment completion rates, and observing students’ social-emotional learning behaviours.

The investments and strategies utilized to combat learning loss can range from supplying a stable internet connection for all students to encouraging communication between teachers. Having the funding available to provide the tools and resources students and educators need, whether remote or in-person, will help combat the learning loss that has occurred.

3. Supporting Teachers Leads to Student Success

With an increased workload, an ever-changing classroom environment, and students have increased individual needs when it comes to their personal learning environment, teachers are carrying a lot on their shoulders. In 2021, 38% of teachers felt it was challenging to stay positive and motivated.

To prevent teacher burnout, it is important for educational leaders to check in and provides the necessary resources and support for teachers to succeed like livable salaries, healthcare, mental health breaks, and lower class sizes. In addition to those resources, communities and educational leaders need to be taking the time to check in with teachers to see how they are handling the transition back to in-person learning.

Now more than ever, school leaders need to focus on providing the beneficial resources that directly impact teachers’ daily lives and work. Doing so will ensure a positive work environment for teachers, and allow them to provide an optimal learning experience for students.

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