Education news roundup March 2022

Education Technology News

Published: March 15th, 2022

Here are three of the latest and trending U.S. education and EdTech news subjects from March 2022.

1. Enriching student engagement with help from digital resources

Students and teachers have spent the last two years adapting and becoming comfortable with using different technologies in everyday learning. Now that both groups have adjusted to utilizing EdTech to enhance the learning experience inside and out of the classroom, the focus has shifted to finding new ways to increase engagement amongst students. Digital resource libraries have grown in popularity and can provide easy access to e-books and audiobooks in addition to alternative research resources and digital learning tools. Providing digital resources that are interactive and collaborative can promote participation and engagement.

Digital resources permit asynchronous learning experiences for students, help deepen the instruction teachers can provide, and increase participation by allowing students to interact with one another. As a result, this can encourage open collaboration on assignments between students rather than working alone on print materials.  

2. How the use of edtech has expanded global learning

The sharp increase of technology in the classroom, or EdTech, opened the door for a wide variety of learning opportunities that would typically be inaccessible for students and educators in the “traditional” style of learning that largely took place pre-pandemic. Personalized learning, gamification in the classroom and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) are all pushing the boundaries of what the future of education will look like.

EdTech tools like interactive displays have allowed teachers to utilize applications for specific subjects like digital art and math and transformed the way students are learning by providing access to a variety of engaging features like screen sharing, multi-window tools to allow various screens to be shown at once, and live collaboration from connected devices. Ultimately, providing a style of learning that is customized to each student, and boundless in terms of creativity.  

3. Advancing student success in higher education with edtech tools

Oftentimes in higher education, students spend their time exploring their creativity across a variety of subjects and finding a focus to eventually turn it into a career path. To help encourage this creativity, universities across the country have been using technology that allows flexibility in location and participation. 

By providing students with technology for education, it has opened the door for a variety of opportunities. This includes increased access to digital learning with online classes, the chance to collaborate with classmates with features like endless whiteboard space, and has allowed students the opportunity to explore their personal interests further, whether it be remotely, or in person. The utilization of these EdTech tools will help find a subject matter that captures their attention and fits their personality.

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