Promethean team members roll up their sleeves at Seattle’s Lambert House

Promethean volunteers at Lambert House

Published: January 17th, 2023

On a bright December day, a group of Promethean employees met in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood to lend a hand at the Lambert House LGBTQ Youth Center. Promethean is dedicated to taking an active role in improving our communities and gives each employee time off to volunteer at an organization of their choosing. Lambert House was putting the positive energy and effort of 14 Promethean employees to service.

Lambert House was established in 1981 to address the health and mental health of LGBTQ+ youth. The caring, inclusive Lambert House community provides a safe space for youth and young adults ages 10-22 who may not have support at home, at school, or with their peer groups. Over the years, more than 15,000 young people have come through its doors to find social connection and support in areas like mentoring, school retention, STI prevention, and work skills development, as well as meals and clothing.

One of the leading LGBTQ+ youth agencies in the world, the organization has not only helped young people in Washington state, it’s reached them in 27 other U.S. states and seven foreign countries. It’s no easy task to run an organization like Lambert House, particularly in the high-cost city of Seattle, so volunteers help by taking care of maintenance tasks, allowing the small, dedicated team at Lambert House to focus their time on programs and services.

On that December day, Promethean team members sorted and cleaned the kitchen, attic and garage storage, clothing bank, and volunteer supply closet. They also tidied up holiday decorations, youth resources, games, and craft supplies. At the end of the day, they put in 84 hours of work to get Lambert House organized and ready for upcoming activities and group meetings.

Promethean thanks the crew at Lambert House for their incredible work and for welcoming our team, which included Telford, Alena, Heike, Jennifer, Virginia, Anna, Justin, Ed, Sean, Lance, Stephen, Nena, and Paul.

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