man using an ActivPanel interactive display in the classroom

When you activate Radix for your Promethean Elements series panel, you take your management capabilities to the next level. You can push applications and notifications, wake panels for updates in non-school hours and remotely troubleshoot and remediate issues.

two coworkers smiling

Manage your panels and more

Radix VISO helps IT directors centrally manage many types of devices, in addition to your ActivPanels. Manage tablets, laptops, Chromebooks and more! It is a great choice for schools that don’t already have a management solution for their teacher and student devices.

IT professional managing panels from a central computer system

Use the tools you already have

Promethean includes Radix credits with each ActivPanel Elements panel you purchased from January 1, 2021. It’s so easy to get started! Schedule a demo to learn more.